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lundi 27 février 2017, 08:00
When Apple announced the first drop in iPhone sales since the gadget first premiered in 2007, you would have thought the company was in deep trouble. Predictably, the stock price dropped, even though Apple remained highly profitable, and had total revenues to die for. It...
vendredi 24 février 2017, 08:00
Do you remember what they said about the iPhone 7? It would be a boring upgrade, mostly because it would look the same as the iPhone 6s. So how could it offer anything significant? But it’s not that a rectangle with circular corners comprises all the functionality of a smartp...
jeudi 23 février 2017, 08:00
Typical of Apple’s iOS releases, users of iPhones and iPads upgrade in droves, with hundreds of millions running the upgrade within just a few months. So according to data from the App Store that’s available to developers, as of February 20, Apple reports that 79% of these...
mercredi 22 février 2017, 08:00
Apple didn’t deliver as many product updates in 2016 as many expected. While there were new iPhones, with the surprising release of an iPhone SE to meet demand for a small handset, the Mac didn’t get a whole lot of love. The MacBook got a minor spring refresh, although the...
mardi 21 février 2017, 08:00
Now despite the fact that Mac sales are stable, and the iPhone is growing again, the iPad has remained a drag on Apple’s numbers. Profits are surely high, but sales keep dropping, quarter after quarter, after reaching a peak in 2013. The main question is why? Were iPads...
lundi 20 février 2017, 08:00
Over the years, Apple’s critics have been busy claiming that the company should do this, that and the other thing. When the requests — or demands — aren’t acknowledged, or are shown to lack logic, they are just repeated ad infinitum. In fact, you hear the stories so...
vendredi 17 février 2017, 08:00
A few years ago, a certain industry analyst firm suggested that Windows Phone, or whatever Microsoft intended to call it, would be the second most popular mobile platform on the planet by now. Seriously. Obviously somebody spent a little too much time reading Microsoft’s...
jeudi 16 février 2017, 08:00
So let’s consider this: For years, Apple has sold premium-priced gear. With few exceptions, sales are high and profits are high. Even when sales fall, as they did for the iPhone over several quarters, and the iPad since 2014, Apple doesn’t lose money. But the critics have...
mercredi 15 février 2017, 08:00
I have a third-generation Apple TV. Released in 2012, it was mostly identical to the 2010 second-generation model, except for support for 1080p HD. As a practical matter, the difference between 720p and 1080p two is slight unless you look real close, especially if you don’t...
mardi 14 février 2017, 08:00
I am usually on the same page as commentator Daniel Eran Dilger, who hangs his hat at AppleInsider these days. In an otherwise excellent article about why Apple ignores “pundit innovation advice,” Daniel extols the virtues of the iPad compared to other tablets. He correctly...
lundi 13 février 2017, 08:00
In the latter days of the PowerPC, development had clearly stalled. Although you could buy a Power Macintosh G5, a forerunner of the Mac Pro workstation, there was no similarly outfitted notebook. PowerBooks were still saddled with the G4 The reason? IBM and Motorola were...
vendredi 10 février 2017, 08:00
After several years of falling sales, it’s hard to believe that the iPad was once thought of as the future of personal computing. Sales continued to soar for the first few years until it stopped. The prevailing theory is that existing iPads are good enough, and that even...
jeudi 9 février 2017, 08:00
Except for the very first iPhone that sold for the full price without subsidies or special carrier deals, most any iPhone can be mostly affordable. So if the unlocked purchase price, which starts at $399 for the entry-level iPhone SE, is daunting, you can always put it on...
mercredi 8 février 2017, 08:00
It’s true that reactions to Apple are polarizing. In recent days, I’ve written perfectly ordinary articles about possible future Macs, and received comments from readers who are concerned that Apple isn’t building the Mac of their dreams. These responses have extended...
mardi 7 février 2017, 08:00
The other day, readers commented on an article in our latest newsletter about the future of the Mac, complaining that Apple wasn’t building the Macs they wanted. In writing that piece, I basically assumed there would be no entirely new models, that what Apple planned was to...
lundi 6 février 2017, 08:00
At one time, it as felt that personal computers, in the twilight of the PC era, would serve the job as pickup trucks. Regular people would rely on “sedans,” tablets, to perform most computing functions. At least that’s what Steve Jobs told us. I won’t compare this to the Amer...
vendredi 3 février 2017, 08:00
It’s nice to know that the Apple Watch reportedly hit record sales in the December quarter. It was a banner year, says CEO Tim Cook, except that we can only infer actual sales by looking at the total numbers in the “Other” category in Apple’s financials. From the very...
jeudi 2 février 2017, 08:00
As Intel gets later and later in releasing processor upgrades that offer only slight performance boosts from previous processors, the impact on Macs is obvious. New models are late not so much because Apple doesn’t care about Macs, but because of Intel’s roadmap. Sometimes...
mercredi 1 février 2017, 08:00
When it comes to Wall Street estimates of Apple’s quarterly results, it can be a lose-lose situation. Regardless of how the results actually end up, there’s going to be a complaint from someone that Apple failed at delivering the goods somewhere or other, and thus is in deep...
mardi 31 janvier 2017, 08:00
When I interviewed CNET’s “Audiophiliac,” Steve Guttenberg, on last weekend’s episode of The Tech Night Owl LIVE, he mentioned the potential end of FM radio in Europe. It’s already history in Norway, but the chances that it’ll go away in the U.S. are probably on the low side...
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