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vendredi 23 mars 2018, 08:00
As regular readers know, Barbara and I are busy looking for a new home. With a very tight budget, we’ve been traveling across the Phoenix area in search of something affordable. Well, one of the leasing agents we visited the other day greeted us wearing an Apple Watch, and I ...
jeudi 22 mars 2018, 08:00
Let me put my cards on the table. I am no fan of Apple TV, at least not anymore. I did find my third-generation model indispensable, but basically for one reason, and that was Netflix. On occasion, I’d rent a movie from iTunes, and I was always on the lookout for the 99 cent...
mardi 20 mars 2018, 08:00
Regardless of the choices with cable and satellite TV, or whether you’ve cut the cord, some 55% of American households have subscribed to one or more streaming services. Most of those people have settled on Netflix, but others have chosen Amazon Prime or Hulu. There are...
lundi 19 mars 2018, 08:00
One thing is certain: Apple’s critics and loads of alleged pundits and industry analysts got the iPhone X completely wrong. Even when the features were correctly described, there were incorrect inferences, or just plain fear-mongering about things that might happen but...
vendredi 16 mars 2018, 08:00
Recently, The Night Owl wrote a piece about two gadgets that are reportedly capable of unlocking iPhones. One comes from an Israeli company, Cellebrite. The other emerges from a startup known as Grayshift, said to be run by former intelligence contractors and a former Apple...
jeudi 15 mars 2018, 08:00
So what’s wrong with Siri? Why hasn’t it realized its potential, since it was essentially the original smartphone digital assistant? Why has it been rated far inferior to Google Voice and Alexa? A key reason is said to  be Apple’s privacy policies. Unlike Google and Amazon,...
mercredi 14 mars 2018, 08:00
It’s a known fact that Apple’s motives are often misunderstood by pundits and industry analysts. This may explain why the company often refuses to do what others demand that they do. Of course there’s always the possibility that Apple simply has better ideas, and its ongoing...
mardi 13 mars 2018, 15:08
As you know, the Night Owl has been suffering from serious financial difficulties. On Monday, he left his apartment ahead of the arrival of the constable who was coming to evict him and his wife and is in danger of becoming homeless when the hotel money runs out. If you are...
If you follow the political byplay, you’ll find polls and more polls among news sites. Some cover the popularity of a politician or a candidate. Who’s going to win the next election? How’s the President doing? You’ll find plenty of guesses within a margin of error. When...
lundi 12 mars 2018, 08:00
Look, I know how the system works. You say anything about Apple with a negative connotation, and, for some reason, people become interested in reading about it. But I’m not looking for click bait. If that was my game, this site would have far more traffic than it has...
vendredi 9 mars 2018, 08:00
It should seem simple enough. You have a mobile tech gadget that needs a new battery or a repair. You take it to a shop and, when it’s ready, you pick it up and hand over your credit card. Or cash if you’re so inclined. Indeed when my son visited us from his home in […]Relate...
jeudi 8 mars 2018, 08:00
Apple has made a huge amount of progress overcoming common impressions of the company over the years, and the unexpected continues to happen. At first, there was a computer named Apple, but a different product, the Mac, had the staying power. in the early days,. the use of a ...
mercredi 7 mars 2018, 08:00
For years, I thought vinyl was dead. But as a street kid in Brooklyn, New York. my tiny record collection was built on 45s and LPs. As much as people adored vinyl, I resented the imperfections, the ticks and pops and the inner groove distortion,  the need to replace them if ...
mardi 6 mars 2018, 08:00
As many of you recall, Apple found itself in the thick of it after a mass shooting in December of 2015 in San Bernardino, CA. The FBI asked them to create a back door for iOS, which would allow the authorities to break in to an iPhone 5c used as a work phone by one...
lundi 5 mars 2018, 08:00
Long before the phrase “fake news” began to occupy the nation’s political dialogue, one tech company was constantly the subject of stories often made up out of whole cloth. Not just rumors, but claims that something was factual, or accepted fact, even though the...
vendredi 2 mars 2018, 08:00
One way for industry analysts to reduce a company’s share of a specific market is to change the market. At one time, iPads were placed in a so-called media tablet category, as opposed to a Windows tablet which, is of course, used for real work. This put a modestly expensive...
jeudi 1 mars 2018, 08:00
At one time, it was common to exchange or replace a smartphone around the two-year mark. This was particularly true in the U.S., where wireless carriers would tie you in to a 24-month subsidy contract, where you’ll pay a small down payment — or no down payment — and take...
mercredi 28 février 2018, 08:00
After totally losing it when iPhone X sales turned out to be spectacular, based on Apple’s financials, some critics just kept the fake news going, finding little tidbits here and there to buttress their false claims. So there was the implication that iPhone X supplies caught...
mardi 27 février 2018, 08:00
It has been demonstrated over the years that comparing an iPhone with a top-of-the-line competitor from the world of Android, particularly the next Samsung Galaxy, on specs alone isn’t terribly productive. Raw numbers involving CPU ratings and RAM don’t really tell you much...
lundi 26 février 2018, 08:00
Apple has been criticized from time to time for releasing new operating systems with serious bugs, or important missing features. Coming days after Tim Cook claimed, in a Fast Company interview, that Apple doesn’t release products til they’re ready, it comes across as an...
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