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lundi 27 mars 2017, 09:00
It’s very easy to forget the past, and the mistakes you made. Just keeping up is difficult, and sometimes the situation changes enough that you might want to revisit something you tried before, something that failed. Maybe it’s just worth giving it another try in the hope tha...
vendredi 24 mars 2017, 08:00
So Apple will probably have more iPad updates in the coming weeks or months. But that takes us back to Apple’s “other” entry in the personal computer space, the Mac. Where are the spring Mac refreshes? Are there going to be any? More to the point, when Apple CEO Tim Cook...
jeudi 23 mars 2017, 08:00
As most of you know, the latest iPad is sort of a throwback. It reverts to the original name — it’s evidently considered to be a fifth generation model — and uses an older form factor. So instead of the one utilized by the iPad Air 2, it reverts to the slightly thicker...
mercredi 22 mars 2017, 08:00
For several weeks there have been rumors, taken credibly, that Apple was planning some fairly major iPad upgrades any time now. This after a long dry spell throughout 2016 during which a single new model was introduced, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro, based on the iPad Air 2. With...
mardi 21 mars 2017, 08:00
One of the major arguments made against Google is that, to them, you are the product. That means they expect you to endure frequent ads and perhaps click on a few (maybe buy something) to generate cash. That’s a price for a free online service, because someone has to pay the...
lundi 20 mars 2017, 08:00
There’s a story in a certain blog, which has a curious ability to constantly get things wrong about Apple, that suggests that Samsung is mostly in the clear about the aftereffects of the tragic failure of the Galaxy Note 7 phablet. As most of you know, Samsung had to...
vendredi 17 mars 2017, 08:00
As many of you know, growth in the cable and satellite industry has slowed considerably. A host of alternatives have arisen to supplement or replace the traditional offerings of broadcast and cable-only channels. So Netflix is a significant example, expanding from basic DVD...
jeudi 16 mars 2017, 08:00
In response to recent columns about the iPad, some of yous have explained your priorities. You may find valuable uses for your iPads, but others can’t go past a Mac to get things done. It’s very clear you may have different priorities depending on what you need to...
mercredi 15 mars 2017, 08:00
Last year the sole change in the iPad lineup was the launch of a 9.7-inch “Pro” version. Apple’s tablet was more or less ignored after that, as sales continued to drop. While iOS 10 added a few tricks to advance iPad multitasking, being productive with multiple apps and...
mardi 14 mars 2017, 08:00
In recent years, whenever a new gadget is expected from Apple, many so-called industry analysts will go on at length as to how the products will somehow be unsatisfactory. This despite the fact that Apple has, with a few exceptions, been able to grow revenue year-over-year. ...
lundi 13 mars 2017, 08:00
It’s getting closer. There’s more and more online chatter about the form and features of the next iPhone. The basic premise is that Apple will offer three models. Two will be minor refreshes of current gear, which means there will be an iPhone 7s and an iPhone 7s Plus. The ne...
vendredi 10 mars 2017, 08:00
Over the years, Apple has been accused of monopolistic practices. It’s really hard to make an assumption of that sort of a company that is not really dominant in most markets it serves. So this has to be put in perspective. So, consider the Mac. Over the years, even in the ea...
jeudi 9 mars 2017, 08:00
The arguments continue without letup. Apple has lost its ability to innovate. Steve Jobs can never be replaced, and there’s nobody at Apple that can manage the company as well. So the problems are mounting: Apple has slowed the pace of upgrading Macs. iPhone refreshes are mo...
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mercredi 8 mars 2017, 08:00
Are version numbers for software supposed to be lucky, or just reflections of the number of different releases of a product? When Apple released Mac OS X in 2001 — it later became OS X for no discernible reason — I wondered whether there would ever be a Mac OS XI. Not...
mardi 7 mars 2017, 08:00
A common myth about the late Steve Jobs was that he came up with pretty much all the bright ideas that Apple implemented after he returned to the company he co-founded in 1997. Whether an all-new product, a feature, or a new service, he just snapped his fingers and it all...
lundi 6 mars 2017, 08:00
I cannot remember where I read my first Apple rumor. Perhaps it was in the late, lamented MacWeek magazine, a trade journal that catered to computing professionals, or at least those who successfully filled out a questionnaire that supposedly listed your business...
vendredi 3 mars 2017, 08:00
Last year, we were told that the iPhone 7 would be a subpar upgrade. It would offer a case design quite similar to the iPhone 6s, and that’s all she (or he) wrote. It didn’t matter that the new model was water-resistant, had a better camera (or cameras with the iPhone 7...
jeudi 2 mars 2017, 08:00
Walt Mossberg is a long-time tech journalist who used to hang his hat at the Wall Street Journal. His achievements include co-hosting those All Things D events some years back that featured such luminaries as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. These days he’s Executive Editor of...
mercredi 1 mars 2017, 08:00
Over the past year, there have been many concerns about the future of the Mac. Even though Apple earns loads of money from its personal computing platform, it’s a fraction of what the iPhone produces. So there is the theory that Apple doesn’t care about its “lesser”...
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