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lundi 27 novembre 2017, 17:01
My wife’s and I got rid of our land line phone and purchased iPhones, but now when at home this is the only way to contact us and the problem is that since we are both teachers we silence out notifications or volumes ring tones when teaching, but the forget to turn them...
dimanche 26 novembre 2017, 01:54
VPN is the hot item these days and I’m trying to figure out if my humble browsing at home and the grocery story warrant my purchasing yet another widget/network/gizmo. I don’t travel much, very rarely, and realize my local Safeway may be THE ONE where my data could be...
vendredi 24 novembre 2017, 14:00
I have an app on my launchpad that does not respond to the normal methods of deletion, i.e drag and drop into trash, delete from list of apps, etc. Any suggestions? —– Earl CAmpbell
jeudi 23 novembre 2017, 14:00
mercredi 22 novembre 2017, 14:00
mardi 21 novembre 2017, 21:25
If you like having the Mac Dock always visible, but sometimes find it gets in the way, then learn the keyboard shortcut Command+Option+D. This hides or shows the Dock. It is one of the few keyboard shortcuts that seems to work at all times, not just when the Finder or a...
lundi 20 novembre 2017, 22:01
Apple has expanded iCloud over the years to include more and more services, like iCloud Photo Library, Apple Music, iCloud Drive and iCloud Keychain. It can be difficult to get your head around everything that makes up iCloud. Here is a handy infographic that ties it all...
My iPad and iPhone mail work together well for b I got the same. But somewhere way back when…. when I first set up my phone I remember not wanting my phone mail and my iMac not wanting to be in sync. Times have changed and I would like all of them to be the... Read more »
dimanche 19 novembre 2017, 20:50
I know that this is a silly question but I created a Pages document with a table at the top of page 1. I cannot figure out how to insert text before the table. Please help. —– Gene
samedi 18 novembre 2017, 20:15
Hello Gary, On your MacMost Recommended Products page, you tell us that you (recently) switched from the Logitech 920c to the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam. 1) Considering that you make a lot of training videos with picture in picture, do you think the switch was a good move? Is...
vendredi 17 novembre 2017, 20:18
After I updated to High Sierra, I noticed the buttons were gone and replaced with gray colored buttons. Should I reinstall High Sierra? —– Bruce D. Wisz
How do I close the programs that are opened on my Mac Book Pro computer? Retina, mid 2012. My husband tells me I have too many things opened and I don’t know how to close them…. —– Barbara Bobetich
jeudi 16 novembre 2017, 20:19
Awhile ago I changed my Apple ID from being to a gmail email address. Now, I want to do the same for my wife but what I am reading online tells me one cannot change from a.icloud account to a third party email. Is this true? My ultimate goal is to have her......
Hi Gary I’m using High Sierra on a MacBook 2016 I would like my
Wanting to reuse a Scandisk 16Gb memory stick, I removed all contents by sending to “Trash “. The Memory Stick screen was then blank of any contents. The information of this USB stick, although I considered it now to be empty, continues to show the previous “ used ” Gb...
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