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Three Dimebag Darrell-inspired Guitar Licks…

vendredi 8 décembre 2017, 06:39 , par Sweetwater inSync
…that you can (ab)use in your own solos.

Part I: Ode to Dime
When the history of rock guitar is written, the late, great Darrell Lance Abbott — a legend better known simply as Dimebag — will have his very own darned chapter. And it’ll be a sizeable sucker too — such is the magnitude of his indelible legacy. And it wasn’t just the magical musical mayhem he created both in the studio and onstage that cast such a giant shadow — it was what he did offstage as well.
The gracious and gregarious manner with which he treated all who crossed his path (be they family, friends, fans, or famous folk), coupled with his wicked sense of humour (correct spelling!) and the way he came across in print, on camera, and on radio airwaves, was compelling. It made him instantly likeable and incredibly familiar. As a result, countless people who were never fortunate enough to have met him in person feel like they not only knew him, but knew him well. Such was Dime’s impact.
Thankfully, in addition to the amazing music memories he left us with via Pantera, Damageplan, and Rebel Meets Rebel (if you haven’t heard the offering he and his beloved bother, Vinnie Paul, did with the legendary David Allan Coe, I implore you to “right” that awful “wrong” immediately), he gifted us with literally boxes and boxes of priceless videos of his antics. And thanks to the amazing Rita Haney (Dime’s better half) and the one and only Bobby Tongs (a.k.a. Daryl Arnberger), some of it is now available for us all to enjoy via two DVDs: Dimevision Vol. 1: That’s the Fun I Have, and the recently released Dimevision Vol. 2: Roll with It or Get Rolled Over. And the cool thing is, there’s lots more classic Dime footage to come — I know, ‘cos I’ve been lucky enough to see a bunch of it.
I was fortunate enough to not only have Dime consider me a friend, but also to work with him on his long-running (over 60!) Guitar World column, Riffer Madness, and also the resulting book of the same name. So I literally got to spend countless hours with the man in hotel rooms, dressing rooms, tour buses, and Camp Strapped (his infamous house in Texas) while he showed me how he played his stuff, and I got paid for it too! It was the best gig on the planet…ever. Period.
So while I will never come even vaguely close to 10% of his fretboard wizardry, I can safely say that I know what he was doing (sometimes!) ‘cos he showed me and told me! And that’s where these three licks came from.
Part 2: A Trio of Dime Licks
For the sake of convenience, all three (and it had to be that number — if you’re a fellow Dimebag fan, then you’ll be well aware of his penchant for “thrrreeee!!”) are shown in E minor. That said, with the exception of the first two bars of Lick 1, all can be easily played in any darned key. Why are the two bars in question not easily transposed? Because the open high string is repeatedly used as a drone/pedal-point note, that’s why!

Lick 1

This bad boy is effectively a three-for-one deal. So the transcription is thus marked! The first two bite-sized chunks of this breakdown are aptly inspired by Dime’s opening salvo in his classic “I’m Broken” solo.
Part 1 is based on a very familiar rock/blues minor pentatonic, double-stop* cliché — but what sets it apart is Dime’s clever use of the open high E string as a drone note.
*NOTE: Double-stop is merely a fancy term for two notes played at the same time.
Part 2 is a short pedal-point** lick that uses the E minor Dorian mode (see Diagram 1) that applies the G at the 12th fret on the G string as the pedal tone.
**NOTE: A pedal point (a.k.a. pedal tone) is merely a repeated or sustained note in a melody or chord progression. 
The legato lick that is Part 3 was plundered from a smoothly serpentine E minor blues scale (see Diagram 2) lick Dime leans on in the immortal “Walk” lead. Pay particular attention to the timing of the five consecutive notes on the G string in which only the first one is picked — the remaining four are all the result of pull-offs or hammer-ons.

Lick 2

Lightning fast, fluid legato licks are a 333% patented Dimebag trademark — as is the use of symmetrical fretboard finger patterns. The latter idea is one that, like many (including his dear friend, Zakk Wylde), Dime openly admitted getting from one Edward Van Halen. This 2-bar burst of legato symmetry is inspired by something Dime does in “Revolution Is My Name.” The symmetrical fingering pattern that exists on the high E, B, and G strings (see Diagram 3) is the result of combining the two E minor fretboard diagrams we’ve already looked at: namely the Dorian mode and blues scale. Geddit?!
Pay particular attention to the sheer amount of slurring (pull-offs and a solitary hammer-on) that’s going on in this bad boy — in fact, only 15 of the 31 notes are actually picked. That said — if you like the sound of this slippery sucker with every single note picked (a la the aforementioned Mr. Wylde), then go for it!!! As Dime always liked to say: “There are NO rules in music. If you like it, then it’s all good so roll with it.”

Lick 3

Last, but certainly not least, comes this sinister yet strangely catchy diminished, triplet-based ascent of the high E and B strings. Plundered from the climax of Dime’s breathtaking “Walk” lead, this lick is a wonderful end to any solo, IMHO. So, er, roll with it!

And that’s all for now folks — I sincerely hope you enjoyed learning this trio of Dime-inspired licks and will find a way to use ’em “as is” in your own leads. I also hope that they might act as inspirational catalysts for the creation of some sinewy licks and runs of your own.
Have fun with ’em! And Dime, if you’re reading this from the better place you’re now in: you’re sorely missed, my friend — thanks for the music, mirth, and mayhem, Dukebox Damage. I look forward to seeing you again on the other side, brother.

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