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Drum Essentials: 8 Highly Underrated Drum Accessories

lundi 9 juillet 2018, 15:30 , par Sweetwater inSync
Road life can be rough on even the casual gigging drummer. From the backbreaking gear haul to the costly and time-intensive ritual of changing and tuning heads, drummers invest far more into preparing for a gig than actually playing it. Therefore, any accessories that can save you time and headaches between practice and those precious minutes onstage are worth a look. If you’re wanting to make your drumming life a little simpler, Sweetwater recommends these highly underrated drum accessories.
Cymbal Sizzlers
Riveted cymbals, with their smoky sizzle, sound great on boogies and ballads. But who wants to cart around an extra cymbal just for a song or two? That’s where cymbal sizzlers come in handy. Installation is simple: unscrew your wing nut, pop one of these on a ride or crash, and in seconds, you’ve got that frying pan fizzle — no drilling required. The Promark Cymbal Sizzler and Meinl Cymbal Bacon Sizzler are our best sellers.
Quick-release Cymbal Nuts
Wing nuts are one area in which the drum industry has been reluctant to move forward. If you’ve got traditional spin-and-grin wing nuts topping your cymbals, then do yourself a favor and invest in one of our many quick-release varieties. Not only will they shave minutes off your setup routine, but they’re also far less likely to spin off into orbit or get sucked into the black hole under your bass drum. Options are available for nearly every major make and model of cymbal stand — choose from the TAMA Cymbal Mates, Trick Drums QR1s, Gibraltar Swing Nuts, Pearl WingLocs, or DW QR Wing Nuts. Be sure to check product literature or give us a call to verify compatibility.
Kick Patches
Adhesive kick patches prolong the life and sweeten the tone and feel of your bass drum’s batter head. For just a few bucks, you can add months and possibly years of performance to your costly bass head or alter its sound entirely. Patches vary widely in response, from the mostly neutral Evans EQPB2 Black Nylon to the ticky-tack steel plate Danmar Double Metal Kick. Between these two extremes are the Remo Falam Slam (a classic) and the Aquarian Super-Thin Kick Pad. Most models are available in single- and double-bass sizes.
High-performance Drum Keys
Today’s drum keys are far superior to yesterday’s iterations. The CNC-machined, second-generation Revolution Firefly, with its smooth ratcheting motion, reduces hand strain and improves tuning mechanics, dramatically speeding up your tuning routine and affording greater accuracy. If hand strain is an issue, then the ergonomic, rubber-handled DW HiTorque “T” key is great for gaining purchase on your tune-ups and head changes. And if you’re the sort of drummer who likes to crank their snare heads, then the Ahead Speed Torque Ratchet, built to handle Kevlar marching heads, can make short work of tuning sprees, even with older drums and out-of-round hoops and shells.
Grip Enhancers
If you find your grip slipping as the night rolls on, then you may want to look into grip enhancers. Single-use stick tapes, such as the Promark Stick Tape and Ahead Grip Tape, enhance grip and visibility for better chops and sweeter visuals. Vic Firth Drummers’ Gloves, which are like breathable batting gloves for drummers, have rubberized nubs between the thumb and forefinger to enhance stick control. Another option is heat-activated Gorilla Snot rosin that helps you hold onto sticks even when you’re sweating.
Bass Drum Anchors
Bass drum creeping forward? Lock it down with bass drum anchors. KBrakes Bass Drum Spur Anchors (sold in pairs) are studded nylon feet that attach to your existing bass drum spurs and prevent your kick drum from slipping forward as you play. The Gibraltar SC-4402 Bass Drum Anchor fastens to your front bass hoop and sports reversible spikes and feet to hold fast to carpet, wood, or concrete floors.
Tuning Stabilizers
If you find yourself retuning your snare or toms after every few songs, then you definitely want to look into tuning stabilizers. Over-the-head tension rod locks, such as the BFSD Tuner Fish and TAMA Tension Locks, surround the screw and physically prevent detuning through rimshots. Rimshot-Locs operate on a different principle, installing under the counter hoop and applying counterpressure to prevent detuning. Different still are Gibraltar’s replacement locking tension rods that feature a built-in synthetic flex receiver to prevent loosening under an onslaught of heavy hits.
Cymbal and Drum Dampers
There are numerous ways to change up your cymbal and drum tones in 2018. For cymbals, Meinl’s Drum Honey gel pads and Magnetic Cymbal Tuners are fast, reusable, and do a commendable job of reining in cymbal overtones and sustain. So, when your favorite ping ride becomes too much for smaller venues or recording sessions, you can just tone it down. For drums, options abound. Steve’s Donut from Big Fat Snare Drum is a recent favorite of ours for attaining that dry, beefy ’70s snare tone. It installs in seconds, with a stay-tight rubber gasket and thumb-sized cutout for quick removal. As for spot treatment, RTOM Moongel (now in clear) is the classic tom and snare companion, with Drumtacs, TruTones, and Aquarian t-Tabs bringing up the rear.

Sweetwater drummers are passionate about the drum accessories you need, because we use them too. For more information about any of the products listed here, contact your Sweetwater Sales Engineer at (800) 222-4700.
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