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jeudi 20 juin 2019, 15:48
Anyone can build a computer—thanks to a partnership between Kano and Microsoft. The tech titans on Wednesday unveiled Kano PC, a DIY two-in-one Windows laptop for creative learning. Kids of all ages can […] The post Kano’s DIY Two-in-One Laptop For Kids Runs Windows 10...
    Geek - 20 juin, 15:48
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that bagsying the role of banker in Monopoly is absolute class. A new voice-activated version of the banking game, however, makes the financial position redundant (and, therefore, […] The post Voice-Activated Monopoly Game Eliminates...
    Geek - 20 juin, 14:11
My fiancé is a deep sleeper: If I stopped breathing or began gasping for air in the middle of the night, he’d snore right through it. But a smart speaker could save my […] The post A Smart Speaker Could Save You From Cardiac Arrest appeared first on
    Geek - 20 juin, 12:21
Wildlife officials have discovered an unusual “cat-fox” on the French island of Corsica, and the mysterious animal, which was once thought to be a myth, may be a new species, experts say. The […] The post Mysterious ‘Cat-Fox’ Discovered in French Island Could Be New Speci...
    Geek - 20 juin, 02:28
mercredi 19 juin 2019, 23:57
Photos of sharks lurking feet away from oblivious beach-goers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, are going viral on Facebook. Ginger Gilmer, who was vacationing in a resort that overlooked North Myrtle Beach, South […] The post Chilling Photos Reveal Sharks Lurking Under Myrtle...
    Geek - 19 juin, 23:57
We have some neighbors in our cosmic backyard: Astronomers recently spotted two “Earth-like” planets orbiting Teegarden’s star, an old star that is roughly 12.5 light-years away from Earth, according to a new study. […] The post Astronomers Find 2 ‘Earth-Like’ Planets in...
    Geek - 19 juin, 22:38
As excited as we are for many of the video games we saw at E3 2019 (especially from Nintendo) there’s no denying that the show was lighter than usual this year. And there’s […] The post PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Project Scarlett: Everything We Know About Next-Gen Consoles...
    Geek - 19 juin, 22:00
North Carolina police are warning people to be careful about beach souvenirs after a man unknowingly placed a military ordnance in his yard. According to Pine Knoll Shores Police Department, the anonymous resident […] The post Man’s Beach ‘Souvenir’ Turns Out to Be...
    Geek - 19 juin, 21:20
Ceres has some strange topography: NASA recently revealed a new image of the dwarf planet and it shows Ahuna Mons, a bizarre mountain that looks like a giant glacier. The image, which NASA says […] The post NASA Image Shows Strange ‘Mountain’ on Dwarf Planet Ceres appeared...
    Geek - 19 juin, 20:04
For years producer Adi Shankar has been the secret mastermind between dark fan film reimaginings of beloved pop culture characters. Venom, James Bond, the Power Rangers, and even Mr. Rogers all found themselves […] The post Watch: Dark ‘Pokemon’ Fan Film Is No...
    Geek - 19 juin, 18:14
Avengers: Endgame has smashed box office records as one of the top superhero movies of all time. Following the debut of the film, Avengers: Endgame director Anthony Russo spoke about what his favorite […] The post ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Director Reveals Top Marvel Fan...
    Geek - 19 juin, 18:08
Wireless earbuds are all the rage. Most, however, are expensive to purchase while falling short on performance. But that’s not the case with the ARIA True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds from xFyro. These true […] The post These $250 Earbuds Are Only $99 Today appeared first on...
    Geek - 19 juin, 18:00
We’ve learned some new details on what fans can expect from Avengers: Endgame when it returns to theaters this weekend with new bonus content. The seven extra minutes of additional footage will include […] The post ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Returns to Theaters With Extra Post-C...
    Geek - 19 juin, 17:37
The sun’s rotation rate during its first billion years still remains a mystery, yet this spin rate impacted solar eruptions and sparked life on Earth. Now, a group of NASA scientists are suggesting […] The post Secrets of the Sun’s Past Might Be Buried in Moon’s Crust,...
    Geek - 19 juin, 17:10
Child’s Play is the latest ’80s horror property making a return to theaters (it opens June 21), this time with evil doll Chucky reimagined as a sort of Amazon Echo with a knife and […] The post 11 ’80s Horror Franchises Due for a Comeback appeared first on
    Geek - 19 juin, 17:00
2019 is truly the year of Mortal Kombat. After another month of topping the sales charts, Mortal Kombat 11 is now the best-selling video game of the year so far. And it’s so […] The post Watch: ‘Mortal Kombat’ Dance Crew Murders ‘America’s Got Talent’ appeared first on Geek...
    Geek - 19 juin, 16:58
Autonomous underwater vehicle Boaty McBoatface may be the key to understanding climate change. Data collected during the yellow submarine’s 2017 deep-sea mission will aid scientists in building more accurate predictions of how increasing […] The post Boaty McBoatface Makes...
    Geek - 19 juin, 16:13
Five New Jersey fishermen had a real-life Jaws encounter when a great white shark suddenly came out of the water, bit their chump bag, and marked the side of their boat during a […] The post Watch: Great White Shark Pops Out of Water, Shocks NJ Fishermen appeared first on Gee...
    Geek - 19 juin, 16:05
Wizards, unite! Niantic is finally rolling out its Harry Potter-themed AR game, starting June 21. Available first in the US and UK, the magical title is expected to reach more regions by the […] The post Grab Your Wand: ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’ Launches Friday appeared...
    Geek - 19 juin, 15:22
For a makeup novice like me, buying cosmetics can be a bit of a gamble: How do I know if it’s worth spending $30 on a new shade of lipstick I’m not sure […] The post Virtually Try On Makeup During YouTube Tutorials appeared first on
    Geek - 19 juin, 14:31
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