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10 Reasons To Buy the New iPod Touch 2019

vendredi 21 juin 2019, 15:00 , par MacMost
The new iPod Touch is a modest update, but it does mean continued support from Apple for the foreseeable future. In a world with more capable iPhones, what are some good reasons to desire an iPod Touch? It could be a nice complement to a work-provided phone, a pre-phone gadget for a child, or a dedicated streaming music device. It can even be a decent alternative to a point-and-shoot camera, though many will disagree.

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Video Transcript: Hi, this is Gary with Today I'm going to give you reasons why you may want to consider getting the new iPod Touch.
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Now the new iPod Touch is the first update in years and it's a very small update because the iPod Touch still looks the same. It's still has the same form factor but it gets new processor to bring it up to date and allow it to be able to run iOS 13 and probably beyond that by a version or two.
So in case it has been awhile since you've looked at the iPod Touch it basically looks like an iPhone but the 4 inch model so kind of close to the iPhone SE. It's really light. It weighs just 3 ounces and has an 1136 x 640 display. It has a built in speaker which isn't going to be able to play music for the whole party but it can allow you to listen to podcasts or music while, say, working alone in a room. It's got an 8 megapixel camera which isn't great but it's not horrible either. It's capable of doing 1080 video even at faster frame rates for slow motion. It comes with a headphone jack so you can plug older wired headphones into it. You even get a pair of EarPods in the box.
So one situation where you might want to get one of these is if you're part of the Apple ecosystem. You've got a Mac. You've got an iPad but you don't have an iPhone because maybe your work provides you with a phone and that's the one you need to use. But that's hooked up to a different Apple ID associated with work. Getting an iPod Touch allows you to have an iOS device that's hooked up to your Apple ID, has your apps on it, and syncs with your other Apple devices over iCloud. The iPod Touch runs all the different apps and comes with a standard iOS apps meaning it comes with Apple Music or if you prefer you can get an alternative like Spotify on it which makes it a great streaming music app. So if you have a fantastic stereo system and want to be able to stream music from these services over it a $199 iPod Touch is a really good way to do it.
Another great app that's available on the iPod Touch is FaceTime. You can use your iPod Touch to make audio and video phone calls over Apple's FaceTime system. If you're a big FaceTime user it may be worthwhile to have a $200 device dedicated to just that.
Now getting away from the professional stuff is great for kids. If you have a kid around that's too young for a phone an iPod Touch is a good alternative. It feels like a phone. They can call the grandparents over FaceTime. They can use all sorts of different apps and games and educational things but without having an actual phone yet.
Let's say you have an iPhone and you put it to some heavy use. In addition to using it as a phone, and text, and internet, you use lots of apps that take up tons of battery. Like say you're playing a game that just eats your battery up a lot. Having an iPod Touch may be a way to offload those apps onto another device, play the games and use those apps on that device and preserve there battery life of your iPhone that you may really need for professional use.
Now a lot of people are going to have a problem with this next one. I'm going to argue that the iPod Touch is a good camera. Now at 8 megapixels and using an old sensor with no ability to really zoom or anything like that it's a far cry from a great camera. But it isn't bad for taking snapshots of you and your friends doing things. The kind of things that most people take pictures of. Then consider that you can install all sorts of photo apps with filters and different functionality to it. Things you certainly can't do with a point and shoot camera that could cost between a hundred or two hundred dollars. Add to that that it has got WiFi so you can sync with iCloud or Goggle photos or whatever it is you use. Plus you can use social photo app like Instagram and SnapChat on it. Something you definitely can't get on a cheap point and shoot camera. The screen is probably a lot better than what you see on some of those cheap point and shoots also allowing you to view the photos nicer, allowing you to stream those photos to say Apple TV or other device using AirPlay and allowing you to edit the photos right there. For video, of course, being able to shoot HD video, edit it in an app, and share it over the internet is a huge plus over any point and shoot camera at that price range.
One reason that a lot of people might get the iPod Touch is because it's the only iPod that Apple sells. So if you're really into music and you want a device dedicated to just music the iPod Touch may be for you. A lot of people out there on YouTube and blogs are saying don't bother getting anything more than the $199 version because Apple charges too much for memory. But you know what the 256G version for $400 if you're a big music fan, first of all that's not a big deal. You probably have a stereo system where the speakers themselves cost more than $1000 each, right. So getting a $400 device where you can store a ¼ terabyte of much on it and take it any where you want with you to listen with headphones, stream it over Bluetooth, it's a fairly nice option.
Now likewise if you're into portable gaming $200 for a portable gaming device isn't too far off from some of the other systems that are out there. There are tons of apps. New apps coming out all the time. You could play Fortnite on the new iPod Touch. So it makes for a really nice portable gaming device that's super lightweight and capable of playing lots of games.
On the flip side of that you could look at the iPod Touch as a productivity machine. After all it connects to iCloud, you've got Reminders, you've got Calendar, you've got Notes, you've got your Contacts. You can do all sorts of things with other productivity apps. Now your iPhone does that as well, of course, but if you want to have all your productivity apps connected to your Apple ID for work and you want your phone to be for personal use it could be a really useful productivity device to have in your other pocket.
My last reason really depends on you. Because all it really takes is one great app for you to make the iPod Touch worth it. If there's one iOS app made by Apple or any third party developer that you find yourself using all the time and want to have a device dedicated to that that's separate from your iPhone, then the iPod Touch is a great option for $200.
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