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vendredi 28 juin 2019, 15:00
AFter updating to macOS Catalina, old 32-bit apps will not longer work. If you have an old 32-bit app, then before updating, you should update your app or switch to a new one. Most apps have newer versions that professionals should consider buying. If you are using the app...
I know how to use “Markup” in MacOS. What I don’t know and am asking about is: What kind of security exists for the signatures that the user can add to Markup? I searched on this question and, so far, have not found a single comment. —– Mac Carter
jeudi 27 juin 2019, 13:00
You can use more than one microphone or input device with GarageBand on your Mac. Instead of buying more hardware, you can configure your Audio MIDI Setup utility to create an aggregate device that treats each mic like a track in a single input. Then you can set up multiple...
mercredi 26 juin 2019, 23:55
When you use a Finder window to search for files, you won’t get results in the System or top-level Library folder. But you can add these by adding the criteria “System files” and “are included.” You will most likely have to choose “Other” as the criteria and then search for...
I use iCloud for my backups but also use iTunes to back up to my computer. Will there still be a way to back up to my mac once iTunes is gone? I like the option of both just in case one fails. I have found that when I needed to restore a backup from iCloud it takes much...
Using Numbers on iPad, whenever I tap the screen with Apple Pencil it always draws a line or squiggle instead of allowing me to scroll up or down etc. Is there a way to run off this feature or is there a button to press that I’m aware of??? Most frustrating. Thanks —– Tony G
You can add captions to your photos right in the Photos app if you use the built-in Markup extension. You can add text and provide contrast between the text and the image. You can also add speech bubbles, lines and other elements. You can also do this to image files using...
mardi 25 juin 2019, 23:38
Apple updated Pages, Numbers and Keynote to dot-one versions with new features for macOS and iOS. The updates are available for free in the app stores. New across all apps is the ability to color text with gradients and image fills. You can also add images and shapes as...
Here are 50 shortcuts that will make it quicker and easier to navigate around web pages and tabs. Learn how to use your keyboard to move around on a page, find information, and jump to different pages and tabs. Also find out about ways to click on links with modifier keys to ...
lundi 24 juin 2019, 20:16
Apple released public beta versions of their two main operating systems today. The developer betas have been available since the Worldwide Developers Conference earlier in the month. Those interested should go to the Apple Beta Software Program site and sign up there. Note...
Mail rules in the Mail app on your Mac are robust and powerful but they no longer work well in a world where we get email on multiple devices. Instead, use iCloud email rules, or filters you can set on your email server. These rules will be applied on the server before the...
samedi 22 juin 2019, 00:38
I have always wondered what happens to an email when archived. Is it reduced in size so that it doesn’t take up as much room on the server? Is there a reason to archive emails rather than leave them as they are in separate folders for retrieval later? Thanks for any input. ...
vendredi 21 juin 2019, 15:00
The new iPod Touch is a modest update, but it does mean continued support from Apple for the foreseeable future. In a world with more capable iPhones, what are some good reasons to desire an iPod Touch? It could be a nice complement to a work-provided phone, a pre-phone...
jeudi 20 juin 2019, 23:05
Can you see your FileVault recovery key on iCloud? I know it’s kind of a silly question, but I’m having trouble finding a clear answer on the subject. One answer I found is that you can not see your recovery key on iCloud but it is there behind the scenes. I guess that’s...
I hear how we’re supposed be using VPN to make ourself secure. Does anyone have any suggestions as to which one to use? —– William braun
You can see Recent Items in the Apple menu, when you Control+click on an app in the Dock, and in File, Open Recent in most apps. If you want to increase the number of items listed for a longer history, you can se it in System Preferences, General, Recent items. The lists...
It is fairly easy to use a SUMIF function to find a total for rows that meet a condition. But there is no easy way to get the total for rows inside a range of dates. By using extra hidden columns, you can easily mark rows depending on whether they are in a date range, and...
When macOS Mojave included the News, Home, Stock and Voice Memos apps for the first time, a lot of people rejoiced that these standard iOS apps could finally be used on a Mac. But the results were a little disappointing as the apps lacked the look, feel and often features of ...
mercredi 19 juin 2019, 21:50
I try immediately after I have taken a photo to put it in a certain folder in my Photos on iCloud. But after a while I might forget in which folder I put that picture. I would then go to the start folder “photos” with all my photos, right click on the specific photo and go...
If you want to set a custom chime on your Mac you can do so by setting a crontab with the Terminal. You can set it to chime any any interval you wish. It can play a system sound, custom sound, or speak the time in a number of voices. You can even have it only work between...
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