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jeudi 24 mai 2018, 02:21
You can easily clear your Safari browsing history on your Mac. But you can also delete individual history items. Go to History, Show All History. Then select an item from the list and press the Delete key on your keyboard. You can also use the Shift or Command keys to select ...
mercredi 23 mai 2018, 15:00
mardi 22 mai 2018, 15:00
lundi 21 mai 2018, 22:27
I have bought a new MacBook Pro and am giving my old early 2011 MacBook Pro to My daughter I don’t have the disks for my old one? How do I do this please? —– Matt Cooke
Hi Gary, If you have answered this before, I apologize ahead of time. I would like to ‘digitize’ my music CD collection – around 100 CD’s. I want to copy the music to an external hard drive so as to not take up space on my computer HD (and glut my iTunes app). I am... Read...
dimanche 20 mai 2018, 20:35
Hi Gary, because of security concerns I want to set up Apple Mail to use always plain-text instead of rich-text oder HTML for presenting incoming mails. How can I do this with Apple Mail? Are there any workarounds or shell commands? By now I don’t want to switch to a...
samedi 19 mai 2018, 15:24
When I have pop ups with different lists for cells, ie: Groceries, Auto, Insurance, at some point I enter something wrong like “gr” and it stay in the pop up list. How can I delete and/or edit that pop up? —– Greg
I get a lot of spam and I notice many from Bill, Fred, Edwin, Betty, etc. I’ve researched and Hasselblad is the only one-worded name that’s legit. I want to eliminate (delete) names that have one word. —– John
vendredi 18 mai 2018, 17:00
So in the screenshot attached here. I would like to collect all working hours that belong to a month into a single cell. soo I want to search for a certain year-month and collect those dates and summaries those in a single cell belonging to a month. I’m not sure where to...
jeudi 17 mai 2018, 21:58
I have several desktops in iMac. They continually rearrange the order in random fashion. I want these desktops set in order. My 4th desktop is always in the 4th position from left to right. —– Rocky Rodriguez
I have taken a photo that has a pole in the background that extends into the sky. I want to remove the pole and replace with sky. Thanks so much —– Darla Smedley
If you are having trouble with a web page in Safari, you can always use Command+R, or View, Reload Page to see if that fixes it. But if you want a more thorough reload, add the Option key. You’l see Reload Page change to Reload Page From Origin in the View menu with the...
mercredi 16 mai 2018, 17:00
mardi 15 mai 2018, 14:00
Hi Gary I found your session on how to change a folder appearance great. Emoji etc = fun. But for the life of me I cannot get the folder appearance to change to an image. All I can have is the Preview icon. Tried jpg, png, pdf. And other than frustrating, it is a real......
lundi 14 mai 2018, 19:17
Having just been switched to NBN and using Telstra technicolor DJA0230TLS. wifi is okay. Network preference pane shows wifi but no ethernet listed. ethernet cable is connected from router to imac. If I switch over to windows bootcamp ethernet is working fine. Any...
I have a numbers spread sheet, col A date, col D number 1. I have to collect the number of days (1’s) for 12 month period – Jan 1 to Dec 31. I am getting an error message that says not formatted correctly. I can attach the file of the spreadsheet if that helps. —–... Read...
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