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U.S. and China Activists Hit Out at Apple App Store During Epic Games Trial

jeudi 13 mai 2021, 19:22 , par TheMacObserver
As Apple’s court clash with Epic Games continues, campaigners in the U.S and China have reiterated their complaints against the App Store. They accused Apple of “security theater” and said the company was willing “to censor apps on behalf of authoritarian governments.”
App Store Decisions Might be “One of Life and Death” For Chinese Activists
Apple has long said that its insistence that software is bought via the App Store and it’s payment systems helps keep users safe. However, Benjamin Ismail, who works on Chinese organization GreatFire’s project, said:
None of Apple’s attempts to convince us that they act fairly in a highly competitive environment can pass scrutiny. Apple’s behavior is authoritarian and one only needs to read the App Store review guidelines to see the company’s claims itself. There is no competition between Apple and other companies when it comes to the App Store. Apple owns the App Store, which is the only marketplace for iOS devices, and exercises its right to life and death over apps, sometimes to axe a competitor and others to please repressive regimes. In the latter cases, Apple’s right might literally become one of life and death when applied to Chinese activists, which is terrifying but first and foremost intolerable.
Epic Games vs Apple About Human Rights, Not Tech
Evan Greer, Deputy Director at U.S. organization Fight for the Future added to this criticism. She asserted that it comes down to being a human rights, not a tech, issue:
This issue has largely been portrayed as a spat between big companies: mobile giants like Apple and Google vs app giants like Epic and Spotify. But this issue is much bigger than that: it’s about whether the future of technology is open and accessible or locked down into walled gardens that benefit incumbents and elites. Apple’s stranglehold over what software can run on iPhones creates a choke point that governments have used to crack down on political dissent, target marginalized people like LGBTQ folks, and worse. App store monopolies aren’t just a competition issue, they’re a human rights issue.
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