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Govee Flow Pro light bars give your favorite film or TV fan a light show they’d never expect

mardi 21 décembre 2021, 08:14 , par PC World
Every holiday shopping list has one. A tech-head who is just tough to buy for. It’s often not their fault. They’re probably just the type who usually goes out and gets the things they need or want. However, it does make it hard to surprise them with that perfect gift.

In those cases, the savvy gift-giver is usually pressed to think outside of the box. That means coming up with something you know they would like, but probably wouldn’t ever think to get for themselves. That can be a tall order, but for film and TV geeks, the Govee Flow Pro LED Smart Light Bars can be just the perfect addition to their home theater or monitor that they never realized they needed.

That’s because many hardcore cinophiles aren’t up on the real benefits of bias lighting. These foot-long light bars can be positioned around a screen or even attached to the back of a flatscreen TV or monitor with mounting brackets, throwing brilliant aura-like RGBIC lighting effects around the viewing area. It not only helps stretch the 27 to 45-inch screen to make it feel bigger, the ambient light it bounces off the adjacent wall mitigates the eye strain and irritation that can come from watching a bright screen in a dark room for too long.

Most light bars can only produce a single color at a time, but with Govee’s RGBIC advancements, these Govee Flow Pro light bars can produce a rainbow of different colors simultaneously. In all, the panels can recreate up to 16 million different colors and distribute light in 12 different preset configuration modes.

Thanks to its built-in ColorSense technology, this system also paints a light portrait in perfect sync with what you’re viewing. The included camera mounts to the screen, monitors the entire viewing field, then replicates the light sources it sees directly to the light bar’s immense color palette. If you’re watching a blue-tinged sci-fi film, you’ll see a similar blue burst around your monitor. If you’re in a fantasy forest, the green tinges will extend across your walls too. This system even has a mic attached as well, allowing the lights to sync with music or your media audio to pulse, shift, and pound right along with the sound.

Users can either coordinate their light show right through the responsive Govee Home app, or it can be controlled with the help of a smart speaker. Once connected to the system via WiFi, users can enlist their Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant speaker to power up or power down the light bars or shift the color mode, all without touching a button.

Add the Govee Flow Pro Light Bar with RGBIC technology to your computer or TV now at the special Amazon price.
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