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vendredi 17 août 2018, 22:31
My job involves watching a lot of TV. Yeah, it’s great. For most people, binge-watching TV is what they do to get their minds off work, or the day’s news or their own […] The post Geek Pick: Soundcore Spirit Pro Bluetooth Earbuds appeared first on
    Geek - 17 août, 22:31
Anyone looking for funny party games will most definitely enjoy this week’s Humble Bundle from Jackbox Games. For as little as a dollar, you can enjoy a selection of games focused on multiplayer […] The post Geek Deals: A Multitude of Party Games with Humble Jackbox Party...
    Geek - 17 août, 21:45
Ever wondered what it would be like to run a business back in Victorian society? What about dating? That’d be totally weird and surreal, right? Well, that’s exactly the experience that Max Gentleman […] The post Max Gentleman Sexy Business is the Victorian Dating Sim We...
    Geek - 17 août, 21:00
King is one of the biggest mobile gaming companies in the world thanks to the success of titles like Candy Crush. The company has released hundreds of games, but none of them have […] The post Legend of Solgard is King’s First Foray Into the RPG Genre appeared first on...
    Geek - 17 août, 20:00
Physicists have uncovered some of the very first galaxies that formed in our Universe. Data collected by academics from the Institute for Computational Cosmology (ICC) at Durham University and Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics […] The post Oldest Ever Galaxies...
    Geek - 17 août, 19:06
Is The Meg good? It’s about as good as these things get. Meaning what, exactly? Mostly that it feels like a movie from about fifteen years ago that someone lost in a bunker, […] The post MovieBob Reviews: THE MEG (2018) appeared first on
    Geek - 17 août, 18:23
For most people, alcohol is not an aphrodisiac—despite what last week’s drunken night out suggested. Yes, booze can help lower your inhibitions. But it also decreases the chances of male sexual arousal, lessens […] The post Boner-Boosting Beer Chock Full of Salad Greens...
    Geek - 17 août, 17:12
More severe weather, dirtier air, higher wildlife extinction rates, growing sea levels, a shortage of iconic brunch drinks: Climate change has far-reaching consequences. And, according to Clark University’s Ed Carr, it’s coming for […] The post What Does Climate Change Mean...
    Geek - 17 août, 16:00
It’s an odd time to be a Marvel fan. There are no movies to look forward to until next year, and while both of them are incredibly exciting, we have a while to […] The post MCU News: The Smartest Hero Confirmed, Runaways’ Return & More appeared first on
    Geek - 17 août, 15:00
The revolution of smart devices marches on as researchers have made printable tags that mirror some functionality of standard smart gadgets. While that might sound like a major leap at first, it obviously […] The post These Tags Convert Just About Anything Into a Smart Device...
    Geek - 17 août, 14:00
Finally, a multinational electronics company that really gets me. Panasonic this month introduced a shoe deodorizer—the creatively named MS-DS100—with “nanoe X” technology that promises to remove “unpleasant shoe odors.” As described by the […] The post I’m Putting...
    Geek - 17 août, 13:00
jeudi 16 août 2018, 22:00
Toys cars are about as classic a piece of Americana as you can get. Give children a playful taste of the open-road freedom awaiting them in adulthood. Even if you don’t like the […] The post GEEK PICK: Anki Overdrive Fast and Furious Edition appeared first on
    Geek - 16 août, 22:00
Looking to increase the immersion of your gaming experience? Right now, you can save big on the likes of the Merax gaming chair and Beats Solo3 wireless headphones that will help reality melt […] The post Geek Deals: $65 Racing Style Gaming Chair, 50 Percent off Beats Solo3...
    Geek - 16 août, 21:30
Sega is releasing a new game based on Fist of the North Star this fall. If you know the manga and anime, then you know this is one of the most violent properties […] The post New Fist of the North Star: Lost Paradise Trailer is Literally a Bloody Good Time appeared first on...
    Geek - 16 août, 21:00
Police in Fayette county, Georgia are investigating an unusual string of robberies. After breaking into a few cars and stealing a motorcycle, the criminals moved on to a less conventional target. They jacked […] The post Thieves Stole $100,000 Worth of Ramen From a Parked...
    Geek - 16 août, 20:00
It’s hard to be a fan of Nighthawk and Border Town artist Ramon Villalobos and not find yourself thinking about the intersect between superheroes and sneakers. Mr. Vertigo Comics’ Instagram page is chock […] The post 8 Sneakers Your Favorite Superheroes Would Wear...
    Geek - 16 août, 19:00
In the day and age of indie games, dating sims have never been more incredible as they are now. We’re #blessed with an arrangement of games such as Dream Daddy, Monster Prom, Doki […] The post Boyfriend Dungeon: Date Your Weapons! Kickstarter is Now Live appeared first on Gee...
    Geek - 16 août, 18:06
With the advent of waterproof cameras and phone cases, anyone can be an underwater photographer. But not everyone can be an award-winning underwater photographer like Rodney Bursiel. A self-proclaimed competitive swimmer and Christopher […] The post Underwater Photography...
    Geek - 16 août, 16:38
What does Earth have in common with different planetary systems hundreds of light years away? A lot, according to researchers. Astronomers measured the composition of 18 galaxies up to 456 light years away […] The post Study of Distant Stars Confirm Earth’s Building Blocks...
    Geek - 16 août, 15:24
Warning: This video of the labyrinth International Space Station is not suitable for people with claustrophobia or motion sickness. Russian cosmonaut Oleg Artemyev takes Earthlings on a virtual tour of the International Space […] The post Watch: Cosmonaut Tours Space...
    Geek - 16 août, 14:00
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