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Top 7 Robotics Companies in 2024

samedi 10 février 2024, 01:32 , par eWeek
Top 7 Robotics Companies in 2024
Robotics companies specialize in designing, developing, and producing robots for industrial or domestic household use. The increasing demand for automation has greatly boosted the growth of robotics companies, and today’s top robotics firms tend to be in high demand.
Among the many specialties of robotics firms are autonomous drones, cargo robots, healthcare robots, and other robotic solutions tailored to specific factory applications. The robotics sector’s rapid growth has led to the emergence of various sub-categories of robots, ranging from large industrial robots to smaller cobots and even robots geared for home or office chores.
Indeed, the best robotics firms are not only machine focused: these leading companies produce collaborative robots (cobots) that work alongside humans.
We analyzed the robotics sector to help you discover the best option for your organization, based on industrial focus, product range and key technologies.

Toggle7 Best Robotics Companies: Comparison chartABB: Best for Diverse Manufacturing ApplicationsAnduril: Best for Defense and National SecurityVecna Robotics: Best for Material Handling AutomationBoston Dynamics: Best for Automated Industrial Inspection and Remote InvestigationFANUC: Best For Industrial AutomationYaskawa Motoman: Best for Automating Production ProcessesPiaggio Fast Forward: Best For Mobile Carrying And Following RobotsHow To Choose The Best Robotics Companies For Your BusinessFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs)Bottom Line: Top Robotics Companies

7 Best Robotics Companies: Comparison chart

Best For
Key Industries Served
Key Technologies
Product Range

Diverse manufacturing applications
Manufacturing, utilities
Industrial automation, robotics
Industrial robots, collaborative robots, automation

Defense and national security
Defense, security
AI, computer vision
Autonomous drones, surveillance systems

Vecna Robotics
Material handling automation
Warehousing, logistics
AI, autonomous vehicles
Automated material handling, AGVs, robotic tuggers

Boston Dynamics
Automated industrial inspection and remote investigation
Various (including logistics)
Robotics, AI
Spot, Atlas, Stretch

Industrial automation
Industrial automation, robotics
Industrial robots, CNC systems, robotic welding

Automating production processes
Manufacturing, healthcare
Industrial automation, robotics
Industrial robots, motion control, robotics software

Piaggio Fast Forward
Mobile carrying and following robots
Last-mile delivery
AI, autonomous vehicles
Gita (cargo robot), mobile carrying platform

ABB: Best for Diverse Manufacturing Applications
ABB Robotics is an industrial robot supplier and manufacturer that develops and manufactures robotics systems, software, and services for various industrial applications. The company offers a wide range of industrial robots, including articulated robots, collaborative robots, selective compliance assembly robot arm (SCARA) robots, delta robots, paint robots, and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).
ABB’s articulated robots perform tasks ranging from welding, machine tending, dispensing, material handling, assembly, inspecting, grinding, and polishing applications. The company also creates cobots to work alongside humans, allowing for efficient task collaboration.
The SCARA AI-enabled robots are commonly used for fast and precise pick-and-place operations in assembly lines, packaging, and electronic manufacturing. Delta robots are used for high-speed pick-and-place operations in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries.
The company also provides AMRs designed to move autonomously within a facility and perform various tasks, such as material transportation and warehouse operations. These AMRs can navigate in dynamic environments and collaborate with other robots and humans.

Visit ABB

ABB’s dual-arm IRB 14000 YuMi cobot for automating sample analysis in a lab.
Pros and Cons


Comprehensive and integrated portfolio
ABB products are somewhat costly

It offers high-quality robotic products
Robots require specialized knowledge to operate

It provides advanced robot control systems for precise and efficient robot movements

Extensive documentation

Pricing for ABB robots varies from product to product. We recommend interested buyers visit the company’s webshop to find the ideal robot.

SCARA robots.
Paint robots.
Articulated robots.
Collaborative robots.
Delta robots.

Robotics are often used in conjunction with AI applications. For a full portrait of today’s top AI vendors, read our in-depth guide: 150+ Top AI Companies 2024

Anduril: Best for Defense and National Security
Anduril Robotics is a U.S.-based defense technology company developing advanced defense and national security solutions. The company builds autonomous systems, AI software, and automation-focused hardware to enhance situational awareness and decision-making capabilities. Anduril Robotics’ products include border surveillance systems, drone detection and tracking systems, and military-grade AI software.
Its top products include the Lattice for command and control and Lattice mission autonomy, the Ghost UAS (Unmanned Aerial System), and the ALTIUS (Agile-Launched, Tactically-Integrated Unmanned System). These technologies help protect and defend national borders, provide real-time situational awareness, and assist military and security personnel in their operations.

Visit Anduril

Ghost-X by Anduril Industries. Ghost-X is purpose-built for reconnaissance, security, and force protection.
Pros and Cons


Border security and surveillance
May come with a high price tag

Enhanced defense capabilities
Limited accessibility

Military-grade AI software

Available upon request. Contact the company for a custom quote.

Drone detection and tracking.
Counter unmanned aerial systems (UAS).
Dive-LD – autonomous underwater vehicle.
Fury – Anduril’s autonomous air vehicle (AAV).
Maritime counter intrusion.
Sentry towers for border security.

Vecna Robotics: Best for Material Handling Automation
Used for material handling, goods transportation, and logistics operations, Vecna’s autonomous robots work in dynamic and unstructured environments, such as warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. Its robots have advanced sensors that enable them to navigate, pick, and transport items. Vecna’s robots can perform tasks such as lifting and putting away, pallet loading, crossdocking, sorting, packaging, and replenishing.
Vecna’s unique selling points include logistics operations optimization, reduced human labor and costs, and improved overall supply chain operations. This last item is particularly important as supply chains will need to be increasingly elastic in the years ahead.

Visit Vecna Robotics

Vecna autonomous tugger.
Pros and Cons


Work in progress management
High initial investment

Helps address labor shortages
Operating the robotics systems may require specialized technical skills and expertise

Reduced labor costs

Quote available upon request. Contact the company for custom pricing.

Fleet management capabilities.
Advanced vision and perception systems.
Autonomous navigation.

Boston Dynamics: Best for Automated Industrial Inspection and Remote Investigation
Boston Dynamics is known for its bipedal humanoid robot, Atlas, and its four-legged robot, Spot – the companies photogenic robots are featured heavily in social media. These robots can navigate complex terrains, perform tasks, and adapt to their surroundings.
One of the most notable aspects of Boston Dynamics’ robots is their mobility and dexterity. For instance, Atlas can walk, run, jump, and perform backflips with precision and balance, while Spot can climb stairs and navigate complex terrains, such as construction sites or disaster areas.
Boston Dynamics also offers Stretch, which is built for warehouse automation. Stretch can navigate aisles, pick up and stack boxes, and perform warehouse tasks autonomously.

Visit Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics’ Spot, the quadruped robot.
Pros and Cons


Atlas has real-time perception capability
Prices are on the high end

Versatile robots for research, industry, and mobility

Available upon request.

Manipulation and object recognition.
Advanced mobility capability.
Advanced humanoid and quadrupedal robots.
Stretch can detect and automatically retrieve any boxes that shift and fall while unloading.

FANUC: Best For Industrial Automation
With over 40 years of experience, FANUC offers over 100 robot models, including articulated and delta robots, used in a wide range of industrial applications. The company manufactures robots that support payloads of up to 2,300kg and maximum reaches of up to 4.7m. FANUC robots are equipped with vision systems and force-sensing tools, allowing them to perform complex tasks accurately.
FANUC offers comprehensive support and training programs to ensure its customers get the most out of their robots. It provides technical assistance, spare parts, and maintenance services to ensure the robots always run at peak performance.
The company’s robots are used in over 20 industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, food and beverage, and pharmaceuticals. They can perform an array of factory tasks, including welding, material handling, assembly, and packaging.


FANUC robots being used in welding applications.
Pros and Cons


The company offers users lifetime maintenance
Requires specialized knowledge

FANUC schedules preventive maintenance support such as periodic inspections, overhauls, and PCB wash-and-test

Fast cycle times and high repeatability

Available upon request. Contact the company for a custom quote.

Articulated robots.
Delta robots.
3D vision sensor and force sensor.
Advanced control systems.

The combination of robotics and generative AI is a hyper-growth field. To find additional AI tools that can support your business, read our guide: Top Generative AI Apps and Tools

Yaskawa Motoman: Best for Automating Production Processes
Yaskawa produces an expansive range of robots for various applications – it has a veritable army of over 540,000 robots installed worldwide.
Yaskawa robots perform tasks including arc welding, spot welding, material handling, and painting and dispensing. The company provides a comprehensive lineup of collaborative robots, SCARA robots, controllers, software, positioners, vision systems, and grippers, enabling businesses to enhance their automation processes for a wide range of industrial applications.
While the companies robots are often seen in automobile factories, its products are used far beyond this application, including electric and electronic equipment, semiconductor manufacturing, biomedical, food, medical products, and logistics.

Visit Yaskawa

Yaskawa HC20 for arc welding application with up to 20kg payload, 1700 mm horizontal reach, and 3400 vertical reach.
Pros and Cons


In-person and online courses are available via the Yaskawa Academy
Complex to use

Offers robotic solutions for palletizing and depalletizing

24/7 tech support

Contact the company for your actual rate, based on your factory/industrial needs.

Human-collaborative robots.
Advanced vision systems.
Material tending and removal capabilities.
Palletizing robots.

Piaggio Fast Forward: Best For Mobile Carrying And Following Robots
Piaggio Fast Forward (PFF) is a subsidiary of Piaggio Group. The company specializes in designing products that enhance the movement of individuals and goods in urban environments. It offers Gita, a robot that can follow you and carry up to 40 lbs of cargo. Gita is designed to assist people in daily activities, such as carrying groceries, luggage, or other items. Many people think of them as visually attractive. These robots use sensors and cameras to navigate and avoid obstacles, ensuring safe movement.
PFF’s robots are available in Gita Plus and Gita Mini. The latter can carry up to 10 days’ worth of groceries for a single person, has a run time of six hours of continuous travel (~18 miles), and charges in two hours. The former can carry five days’ worth of groceries for a single person, including seven hours of continuous travel (~21 miles), and charges in two hours.

Visit Piaggio Fast Forward

Gita Mini and Gita Plus.
Pros and Cons


Transparent pricing
Limited cargo capacity

Payment plan available for those on budget
Limited range and battery life


Gita is available in two editions:

Gita Mini: $2,475. Buy now, pay-over-time plan is available, starting at $86 per month with affirm.
Gita Plus: $3,475. With affirm, the buy now, pay-over-time plan option starts at $121 per month.


Suitable for tasks like grocery shopping, transporting luggage, or moving items between locations.
Autonomous navigation.
Hands-free operation.

How To Choose The Best Robotics Companies For Your Business
The real key to choosing the best robotics company for your business is knowing which area of your business you want to automate. The best way to find out is to examine your current operation processes and determine where you need to adjust or improve efficiency. Afterward, you conduct research to discover the best robotics company for your business.
We spent over 30 hours researching and comparing different robotics companies, so you don’t have to. Our research found that Yaskawa Motoman is best for automating your production process, from material tending to material handling, arc welding, palletizing, and so on. We also found that FANUC is best for industrial automation, while Anduril is best for government contractors and security solutions.
Remember that the sector you operate in is critical to determining the best company for your business.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
How do these companies address ethical considerations in robotics development?
The top robotics companies we reviewed adhere to strict safety standards in robot design and operation. They invest significantly in user training. For instance, Yaskawa Motoman offers in-person and online courses through its Yaskawa Academy.
These companies establish ethics committees to evaluate and guide the development of robotic systems.
According to Vecna Robotics, its entire fleet of robots is third party-certified to comply with ANSI B56.5 and RIA 15.08 safety standards.
Which regions or markets are the primary focus for these top robotics companies?
The primary focus of these top robotics companies varies, but a few regions and markets stand out. Some of the critical areas include:

United States: Many top robotics companies are based in the US, focusing strongly on industries such as healthcare, logistics, agriculture, and defense.
Japan: Japan has a long-standing reputation for robotics technology and is a robotics research and development hub. Companies in Japan primarily focus on industrial robotics, service robots, and humanoid robots.
Europe: European companies are active in various sectors, including industrial automation, medical robotics, and artificial intelligence. Countries such as Germany, France, and the United Kingdom have a strong presence in the robotics market.

What trends in robotics technology are these companies leveraging?

AI and machine learning integration: AI is a key trend in robotics, enabling robots to perceive and understand their environment, make autonomous decisions, and learn from experience.
Collaborative robotics: Continued growth in cobots, allowing robots to work safely alongside humans, and enhancing productivity and efficiency in industries such as manufacturing and healthcare.
Autonomous navigation: Advancements in autonomous navigation for robots make them more versatile and adaptable to dynamic environments.
Internet of Things (IoT): Robotics companies integrate IoT technology into their robots to enable connectivity and communication between robots and other devices.

Bottom Line: Top Robotics Companies
Investing in robotics can immensely enhance business productivity while reducing costs and risks associated with manual labor. The initial cost of setup is usually high, which can deter small businesses with limited budgets. But if implemented successfully, the return on investment over time makes up for the high cost of implementation.
Remember, the best robotics companies offer a wide selection of robots with varying payload capacities, reach, and speed. Therefore, it is critical to consider your needs before making any financial commitment in the robotics sector.
Machine learning is natural combination with robotics; for more information, also see: Best Machine Learning Platforms
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