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mercredi 4 juillet 2018, 18:00
There’s just something about Steve Rogers. There’s something about the honest, quiet, protective and observant man that he that tries so desperately to save us all in our hour of need. Steve Rogers […] The post Happy Birthday Steve Rogers aka Captain America! appeared first...
    Geek - 4 juil., 18:00
Every day YouTube receives around 2 million takedown requests. Many of those are copyright complaints sent by studios… so you’d think they would be more careful about what they upload themselves. And yet […] The post Sony Uploaded an Entire Movie to YouTube Instead of Just th...
    Geek - 4 juil., 17:34
“IT IS WINTER IN AMERICA. For over 70 years, he has stood in stalwart defense of our country and its people. But in the aftermath of Hydra’s takeover of the nation, Captain America […] The post Buy This Comic: Captain America #1 appeared first on
    Geek - 4 juil., 15:00
mardi 3 juillet 2018, 22:00
One of the hottest new gifts of the past few years is actually a very old piece of technology. Nintendo made waves (and lots of cash) with the NES Classic, a little retro […] The post GEEK PICK: Nintendo Famicom Retro Controller Plush appeared first on
    Geek - 3 juil., 22:00
Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like […] The post T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Ant-Man Shirts appeared first on
    Geek - 3 juil., 21:00
Just in time for the big holiday, our colleagues at TechBargains have put together a huge collection of the very best deals from major retailers. Save big on Legos, Amazon services, 4K TVs, […] The post Geek Deals: Bose Noise-Cancelling Headphones for $169, Huge Lego Sale at...
    Geek - 3 juil., 20:45
For decades movie theaters have tried weird gimmicks to stave off rival forms media. Sure in 1950s you could watch stuff at home on your TV, but only True Cinema could offer experiences […] The post MoviePass and More: Your Guide To Movie Theater Subscriptions appeared first ...
    Geek - 3 juil., 20:00
I am rubbish at smelling rotten milk. Which is probably why my morning cup of tea so often tastes … off. Thankfully, scientists have developed the ultimate “smell test” for rotten food. A […] The post The Artificial Nose Knows: Device Warns of Spoiled Food appeared first...
    Geek - 3 juil., 19:00
Today, EA launches EA Sports UFC 3 Icon Edition. Featuring UFC Flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson on the cover, this edition adds fan-requested legendary fighters like UFC Hall of Famer Tito Ortiz, former UFC […] The post Interview With Demetrious Johnson About EA Sports...
    Geek - 3 juil., 18:00
The first head of state of space nation Asgardia was inaugurated last week, in an elaborate ceremony at the Hofburg imperial palace in Vienna, Austria. Still, I can’t figure out if this is […] The post Space Nation Asgardia Inaugurates First Head of State appeared first on...
    Geek - 3 juil., 17:00
Maybe climate change isn’t all bad… Increased water vapor in Earth’s atmosphere, a consequence of human activity, makes shimmering, high-altitude clouds more visible. Noctilucent, or night-shining, clouds form some 50 miles above the […] The post Climate Change Brings Out...
    Geek - 3 juil., 16:00
Great Scott! A single Nike Mag sneaker from Back to the Future II sold online for a whopping $92,100. The OG self-lacing shoe—one of only a handful made for the 1989 film—launched a […] The post Nike Mag Sneaker From 1989 Film Set Sells for $90K appeared first on...
    Geek - 3 juil., 15:00
While Elon Musk has had a string of successes over at SpaceX, his electric car company has struggled. Countless workers’ rights and harassment and safety issues have been raised in recent months. And […] The post Tesla’s Finally Hitting Its Production Targets, Barely...
    Geek - 3 juil., 14:00
If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon Ball Heroes, it looks like you may want to acquaint yourself quickly, that is, if you want to check out a brand new version of hero Goku, after […] The post Dragon Ball Heroes Introduces A Very Different Goku appeared first on
    Geek - 3 juil., 13:00
We weren’t supposed to know the title of the next Avengers movie for a while. Marvel was said to be planning the title reveal for after the first trailer for Captain Marvel. But even […] The post MCU News: Avengers 4 May Have a Title, Leaked Concept Art & More appeared...
    Geek - 3 juil., 00:00
lundi 2 juillet 2018, 23:00
No matter how you feel about Elon Musk, you’ve got to admit that SpaceX is extremely cool. Who else out there is working on tech that can help transport a robot named Cimon […] The post SpaceX Makes a Special Delivery of Ice Cream, Mice, and AI Robot to the International...
    Geek - 2 juil., 23:00
Chain chomps are rad. They’re the Terminators of Mario. Just big, scary, Langoliers-ass teethballs on chains that can’t be hurt. They’ll mess you up, especially in Mario 64. Or you can keep one on your desk […] The post GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Mario Chain Chomp Lamp...
    Geek - 2 juil., 22:06
Facebook is creepy enough as it is. Just think about all the ways it could get even creepier. Apparently, Facebook had previously filed a patent that would potentially be able to remotely activate […] The post Facebook Won’t Be Using This Creepy Ambient Audio Recording Tech...
    Geek - 2 juil., 21:13
Between epic lightsaber duels and thrilling interstellar dogfights, it’s sometimes easy to overlook the fact that Star Wars is one of the most stylish film franchises of all time. The series is chock […] The post The Best Sartorial Swerves in Star Wars appeared first on Gee...
    Geek - 2 juil., 20:17
Skygazers will be seeing red this month as Mars reaches opposition with the Sun, offering Earth observers their closest view of the planet since 2003. Earth and Mars orbit the Sun at different […] The post Mars Shows Off This Month Before Blood Moon Eclipse appeared first on...
    Geek - 2 juil., 19:00
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