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mercredi 12 juin 2019, 17:42
At E3 2019 attendees have the opportunity to play Pokemon Sword and Shield for the very first time. And so far impressions are pretty positive for the first true next-generation Pokemon game on a […] The post Cute New Pokemon in ‘Sword and Shield’ Melt Hearts at E3 2019...
    Geek - 12 juin, 17:42
Avengers: Endgame fans can now have a peaceful getaway at one of the movie’s most beautiful filming locations, Tony Stark’s serene cabin, which is now available to rent on Airbnb. According to its […] The post ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Fans Can Rent Tony Stark’s Lakeside Cabin on...
    Geek - 12 juin, 17:38
Free the snakes! Fifteen eastern indigo snakes, North America’s longest snakes and listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act, were released into a northern Florida preserve. The release of 10 females and five […] The post 15 Snakes, North America’s Longest,...
    Geek - 12 juin, 17:13
Forget all of the brand new video games making their debut at E3 2019. Arguably the greatest era of the medium (and certainly the most bloodthirsty when it comes to console wars) was […] The post TurboGrafx-16 Mini Is Your Next Retro Console appeared first on
    Geek - 12 juin, 16:22
SpaceX is launching three Earth-observing satellites for the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) on June 12 and the space technology company is live streaming the liftoff event. On Wednesday morning, a Falcon 9 rocket […] The post Watch: Used SpaceX Rocket Will Launch 3...
    Geek - 12 juin, 16:13
There is no limit to the lengths some people will go for the perfect picture. Just ask the Perth city council, which is spending nearly $280,000 to build solar-powered toilets near a small […] The post Australian City Spends $280K on Toilets for Instagrammers appeared first...
    Geek - 12 juin, 16:12
If you pay attention to the gaming industry then you know this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo is a bit unusual. Normally, there is a huge amount of hype in the months leading to […] The post E3 2019’s Best Moments Had Little to Do With Gaming appeared first on...
    Geek - 12 juin, 16:08
Video game development is a career path that, while undeniably cool, can be intimidating to newcomers, chiefly due to the creative and technical know-how required just to get your foot in the door. […] The post Learn to Create Video Games From Scratch With This $25 Bundle...
    Geek - 12 juin, 15:28
Scientists believe they’ve located the Apollo Lunar Module Snoopy—50 years after it was released into space. Nick Howes, a fellow at the Royal Astronomical Society, said he is “98 percent convinced” he and […] The post Long-Lost Apollo 10 Lunar Module May Have Been Found...
    Geek - 12 juin, 15:11
What is cooler than a life-size suit of armor on display in your home? Nothing. Or so I thought, until I saw this massive dinosaur skeleton up for auction. Estimated to sell for […] The post This Massive Dinosaur Skeleton Would Look Great In Your Foyer appeared first on...
    Geek - 12 juin, 13:52
As Antarctica slowly wastes away, mysterious holes occasionally form on the surface of its Weddell Sea. Known as polynyas, these stretches of open water surrounded by ice have been appearing for decades. But […] The post Cyborg Seals Help Explain Mysterious Antarctic Ice...
    Geek - 12 juin, 12:42
A strange large mass of material has been detected under the Moon’s largest crater and may contain metal from an asteroid that crashed into the lunar surface and formed the crater, according to […] The post Researchers Discover Mysterious Material Under Moon’s Largest Crater...
    Geek - 12 juin, 00:58
mardi 11 juin 2019, 23:33
In what is being called a “billion-to-one” tragedy, two giraffes at a south Florida safari park were fatally struck by lightning. The tragic incident happened on May 3 at the Lion Country Safari […] The post Two Giraffes Killed By Lightning Strike at Florida Safari Park...
    Geek - 11 juin, 23:33
Visitors at the San Diego Zoo were shocked when a polar bear decided to chow down on a live duck inside its enclosure on June 8. Amy McBride, who witnessed the grotesque scene […] The post Watch: Polar Bear Eats Live Duck, Shocks Visitors at San Diego Zoo appeared first on...
    Geek - 11 juin, 23:16
There are artsy new installations alongside the sea wall at the iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia, but they’re not part of a new underwater museum. The pods are part of the new […] The post Watch: Sydney Opera House’s New Artificial Reefs Are So Cool appeared first on...
    Geek - 11 juin, 22:34
Apple recently unveiled its new $6,000 Mac Pro at the 2019 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference this week, however, not everyone is thrilled about it: IKEA Bulgaria and a European ad agency teamed up to poke […] The post Ikea Roasts Apple’s New $6K Mac Pro in Cheeky...
    Geek - 11 juin, 22:20
After coming down from the incredible high brought on by the surprise reveal of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, you’ll probably get bummed out realizing that game is probably […] The post We Must Protect This ‘Link’s Awakening’ Amiibo With Our Lives appeared...
    Geek - 11 juin, 21:55
“Strange things” are happening at Nike: The athletic retailer recently shared a bizarre video on Twitter that might be a teaser for a Stranger Things x Nike merch collaboration. On Monday, Nike tweeted […] The post A ‘Stranger Things’ x Nike Collaboration Might Be in the...
    Geek - 11 juin, 20:30
Here’s something that definitely isn’t in the hotel brochure. A man staying at Panama City, Florida resort captured the moment strong tropical winds formed a water spout at the pool deck. Chris Ahman […] The post Watch: Winds Whip Up a ‘Poolnado’ at Florida Resort appeared...
    Geek - 11 juin, 20:21
I feel like if I don’t write down all the bombshell Switch announcements from Nintendo’s E3 2019 showcase, I’m going to convince myself that they didn’t actually happen. It was all a dream, […] The post ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2’ and Nintendo’s...
    Geek - 11 juin, 19:19
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