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mardi 11 juin 2019, 19:05
Krypton, SYFY’s suspenseful series that follows the story of Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, is returning for a second season. This time, Krypton, the Man of Steel’s home planet, is on the brink of civil war, […] The post ‘Krypton’ Series Season 2 Sneak Peek: Superman’s Home...
    Geek - 11 juin, 19:05
Three fishermen recently spotted an enormous killer whale swimming with a pod of dolphins off the coast of Cape Cod and it was a beautiful scene. Kelly Zimmerman, a Got Stryper Fishing Charters captain, […] The post Watch: Killer Whale Swims With Pod of Dolphins in...
    Geek - 11 juin, 18:38
The ocean is home to many strange creatures — like the odd, puffy, grumpy-looking fish known as the coffinfish (Chaunax endeavouri) that live deep in the Pacific Ocean, and which scientists have spotted […] The post Watch: Scientists Spot Fish That ‘Hold Its Breath’...
    Geek - 11 juin, 17:38
This week sees the release of Shaft, the second attempt to revive the classic Blaxploitation franchise about the private dick who gets all the chicks (Samuel L. Jackson starred in a 2000 installment). […] The post 11 Forgotten Blaxploitation Classics That Deserve Your Time...
    Geek - 11 juin, 17:00
If you’ve been living under a rock, the plot of Child’s Play involves a doll that’s inhabited by the spirit of a murderer and becomes a very unpleasant plaything indeed. The intersection of […] The post Toy Tuesday: The Most Terrifying Horror Toys appeared first on
    Geek - 11 juin, 17:00
Considering Iron Man is one of my favorite parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (to the point where I believe he was absolutely right about pretty much everything) I’ve been a bit bummed […] The post Marvel and Square Enix’s Fake ‘Avengers’ Game Creeps Us Out at E3 2019...
    Geek - 11 juin, 16:54
Space is home to many types of galaxies that have different shapes, sizes, and brightness. NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope recently captured an image of NGC 7773, a barred spiral galaxy located about 400 million […] The post Hubble Snaps Mature ‘Pinwheel’ Galaxy 400 Million...
    Geek - 11 juin, 16:24
A non-toxic, rosé-colored liquid could fuel the future of space travel. NASA will test the high-performance “green” material, as well as a compatible propulsion system, in space this month with the Green Propellant […] The post NASA Spacecraft to Use ‘Green’ Fuel For First...
    Geek - 11 juin, 16:23
New York City is awash with Instagrammable exhibits, from human sexuality and ice cream to pigmentation and rosé wine. But its newest addition—the pop-up Museum of Plastic—doesn’t just want to inspire dimly lit […] The post Pop-Up NYC Museum Highlights Burden of...
    Geek - 11 juin, 15:37
Twenty-six years ago, Jurassic Park roared into theaters and captured our imaginations. Is it an odd anniversary to celebrate? Maybe, but that’s not stopping Lego from unleashing an amazing new set. Lego spared […] The post Lego Captures Classic Jurassic Park Moments In Huge...
    Geek - 11 juin, 15:00
Changing what someone says in a video is now as easy as “copy and paste.” Researchers developed new software that uses machine learning to let users edit the text transcript of a video, […] The post Deepfake Tool Makes It Easy to Put Words Into Someone’s Mouth appeared first...
    Geek - 11 juin, 14:10
A data breach of U.S. Customs and Border Protection has exposed the photos of people and vehicles traveling in and out of the country. Images transferred to a subcontractor’s network were reportedly stolen […] The post Hackers Stole Traveler Photos From U.S. Border Patrol...
    Geek - 11 juin, 12:42
lundi 10 juin 2019, 23:49
Steven Spielberg is reportedly writing a “creepy” and “super scary” horror series for the mobile-focused streaming service Quibi — and users will only be able to watch it when their phone knows it’s […] The post Steven Spielberg Is Writing a ‘Super Scary’ Horror Series...
    Geek - 10 juin, 23:49
Love, Death & Robots, the adult animated anthology series that spans cyborg thieves, shape-shifters, and super-intelligent yogurt, is coming back to Netflix for a second season. On Monday, Netflix announced the return of […] The post ‘Love, Death & Robots’ Animated Adult...
    Geek - 10 juin, 23:45
As superfluous as it is that major third party publishers also now have their own E3 press conferences alongside console makers, I have to hand it to Ubisoft for consistently having enough different […] The post ‘Watch Dogs Legion’ Welcomes You To Ubisoft’s E3 2019...
    Geek - 10 juin, 23:30
Animals can exhibit weird defense strategies in the wild: A bizarre “zombie snake” found in North Carolina can “play dead” to scare away predators and it is a chilling sight. Known as the […] The post This ‘Zombie Snake’ Found in North Carolina Can ‘Play Dead’ appeared first...
    Geek - 10 juin, 22:52
Christmas came early: As snow blankets parts of Australia, where June marks the first month of winter, some of the country’s cutest residents are reveling in the wintry conditions. Aussie Ark, home to […] The post Watch: Tasmanian Devils Enjoy Winter Wonderland in Australia...
    Geek - 10 juin, 22:49
Houseplants are great. They spruce up your home, they improve air quality, and they reduce stress. But most of them die a quick death because they’re a pain to take care of. Fortunately, […] The post These PyroDinos Are Easier to Care For Than a Houseplant appeared first...
    Geek - 10 juin, 22:04
Researchers have identified a massive eruption in the atmosphere of HR 9024, an active star, for the first time. This eruption, which was characterized by a strong flash of X-rays followed by the […] The post NASA’s Chandra Spots Giant Coronal Mass Ejection From Active Star...
    Geek - 10 juin, 21:32
With so many video games being announced all at once, at E3 most folks paying attention tend to gravitate toward the heavy hitters, the known qualities, the big franchises. Microsoft may have technically showcased […] The post PC Gaming Show Is Full of Cool E3 2019 Games...
    Geek - 10 juin, 21:18
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