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vendredi 21 septembre 2018, 20:03
Perhaps one of the most tired debates on the internet is whether something is “too sexy” or not. Adults don’t need their content policed based on what one person finds objectionable, I’ve always […] The post Japanese Twitter Users Debate Merits and Pitfalls of Sexy Light...
    Geek - 21 sept., 20:03
“1994. As they blast through a California mountain, a road excavation team discovers a strange object embedded in the ground–sealed there when the very earth formed from dust. With it, a new force […] The post The Liminal Builds a Wonderful World out of Love of Fantasy appe...
    Geek - 21 sept., 19:00
It’s about time. The second Doctor Who trailer dropped Thursday, giving fans an exciting, if not mysterious, look at what’s to come this season. “I’m the Doctor. When people need help, I never […] The post Season 11 Trailer Teases, Jodie Whittaker Mocks, & More ‘Doctor Who’...
    Geek - 21 sept., 17:00
Sexual activity is good for the mind, body, and soul. Which is why YouTuber “Brick Dollbanger” has spent more than $200,000 on love dolls. The 60-something divorced property manager (whose real name remains […] The post YouTuber Proudly Reveals $200,000 Sex Doll Collection ap...
    Geek - 21 sept., 16:12
Two months after NASA released a giant balloon into the stratosphere to observe rare polar mesospheric clouds (PMCs), scientists are beginning to analyze the results. Photos collected during the five-day mission could help […] The post NASA Balloon Captures Images of Rare...
    Geek - 21 sept., 15:00
What makes a mammal a mammal? According to Wikipedia, vertebrates within the class Mammalia are distinguished from reptiles and birds by the possession of a neocortex (region of the brain), hair, three middle […] The post Ancient Fossils Highlight Mammalian Spine’s...
    Geek - 21 sept., 14:00
This is the year of retro gaming: Classic titles are reappearing on modern consoles, and nostalgic appliances are reappearing as modern consoles. So it’s no surprise that hobbyist electronic firm Pimoroni recently launched […] The post DIY a Desktop Arcade Cabinet With Retro...
    Geek - 21 sept., 13:00
jeudi 20 septembre 2018, 23:15
Are you excited about the PlayStation Classic? It’s coming out in December, and pre-orders are being taken. And if you run into an out of stock message, you can easily sign up to […] The post Geek Deals: Pre-Order PlayStation Classic Mini appeared first on
    Geek - 20 sept., 23:15
There may not be any more MCU movies coming out in 2018, but there’s still at least one thing to look forward to this year. Daredevil is getting a third season… sometime later this year. […] The post Daredevil Has a Poster, Captain Marvel Has a Secret & More MCU News...
    Geek - 20 sept., 23:00
I have a conflicted relationship with video game clothing. If the design is abstract enough, the video game reference so stealth, that it can pass as just a regular piece of clothing then […] The post GEEK PICK: Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Pants appeared first on
    Geek - 20 sept., 22:04
Netflix’s new drama Maniac revolves around two people who sign up for a three-day pharmaceutical trial in order to wash their brains clean of issues, only to be taken on a wild journey […] The post The 11 Best Fictional Head Trips appeared first on
    Geek - 20 sept., 21:33
  Sony PlayStation Classic is Now Preorderable Only one day after launch, and half the vendors we initially found have sold out of the Sony PlayStation Classic. Only Walmart and Gamestop have stock […] The post Geek Daily Deals: Last Easy Chance to Preorder a Playstation...
    Geek - 20 sept., 20:45
After speculations and leaks on their own websites, Amazon revealed a slate of new hardware at a surprise Echo Alexa event. As the name implies, the devices are all apart of the Alexa […] The post Ready for Preorder: New Amazon Echo Alexa Devices to Create the Ultimate Smart ...
    Geek - 20 sept., 20:30
You know we’re in the early stages of American Horror Story because of the show’s refusal to explain even the smallest things. There’s plenty of exposition regarding what Langdon is doing here, but most of […] The post American Horror Story Brings Back Another Murder House...
    Geek - 20 sept., 20:00
Sure, the Moon shines because its surface reflects light from the Sun. But a new study suggests there is more to that bright lunar glow than meets the naked eye. As reported by […] The post The Full Moon is Electric, Boogie Woogie Woogie appeared first on
    Geek - 20 sept., 19:00
Earlier this month when I wrote about what was still left to learn about the paid Nintendo Switch Online service, I guessed that perhaps we already knew everything that was going to be there […] The post A Modest Review of The Modest Nintendo Switch Online appeared first on...
    Geek - 20 sept., 18:00
A 1,500-year-old carved altar, unearthed at the Mayan site of La Corona, is drawing comparisons to one of the most popular television dramas of all time. Spotted among jungle forest of the Petén […] The post Ancient Mayan Altar Reveals ‘Game of Thrones’-Esque Empire...
    Geek - 20 sept., 17:38
The RemoveDEBRIS satellite successfully deployed its net technology in orbit—though only to capture simulated space junk. Deployed from the International Space Station this summer, the spacecraft began its experimental phase on Sunday, demonstrating […] The post...
    Geek - 20 sept., 16:04
No one would ever be surprised that Japanese high school students are taking impressive fashion risks. The area is known for its bizarre fashion, after all, especially in places like Harajuku and Shinjuku […] The post Japanese High Schooler Took a Fashion Risk That Paid Off...
    Geek - 20 sept., 15:00
Rick and Morty lends itself extremely well to anime. You wouldn’t think it could possibly work, but just take a look at this “If Rick and Morty was An Anime” video from artist […] The post This Fanmade Rick and Morty Anime Opening is Absolutely Perfect appeared first on...
    Geek - 20 sept., 14:00
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