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vendredi 18 mai 2018, 18:00
Is Deadpool 2 good? Yes! Is it better than the first Deadpool? It’s a lot messier and less consistent than the first, but I also feel like it’s a lot funnier because it’s actually […] The post MovieBob Reviews: DEADPOOL 2 appeared first on
    Geek - 18 mai, 18:00
The design of the standard video game controller hasn’t changed much in nearly 20 years. While the modern controller works well for most, they aren’t always ideal for folks with physical limitations. Over […] The post Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller Helps Gamers With...
    Geek - 18 mai, 17:00
Goosebumps, goose pimples, gooseflesh: Whatever you call them, the lumps that involuntarily appear on the skin can signal a person’s emotions—fear, euphoria, arousal. They can also have the same effect on robots. A […] The post Robots Get Goosebumps, Too appeared first on...
    Geek - 18 mai, 16:00
The vast supply of electricity required to mine bitcoin is as contested as this weekend’s royal wedding. The energy-hungry cryptocurrency demands huge amounts of power to process peer-to-peer financial transactions. (Similarly, Meghan and […] The post Bitcoin Mining Puts...
    Geek - 18 mai, 15:30
Science fiction has a habit of turning into science fact. Usually, that’s because a good sci-fi writer has some level of scientific knowledge, or at least interest. They can look at where the […] The post 10 Movies that Helped Create Real Technology appeared first on...
    Geek - 18 mai, 15:00
After eight years and more than 300,000 sold, the Nissan Leaf remains one of the most popular electric cars around. Now it’s helping to spark an energy revolution in the U.K. Like Tesla, […] The post Nissan’s Recycled Leaf Battery Solar Kits On Sale For $10k appeared first...
    Geek - 18 mai, 14:00
After wishing and hoping and dreaming and punching a few enemies to death out of pure frustration that One Punch Man season 2 isn’t out yet, fans can breathe a sigh of relief. […] The post Viz Media Snags the Rights to One Punch Man Season 2 appeared first on
    Geek - 18 mai, 13:00
jeudi 17 mai 2018, 23:00
I can’t leave for a weekend without fearing I’ve forgotten to pack something important. Never send me to space. A NASA astronaut became a meme this week when, during a simulcast spacewalk, he […] The post NASA Astronaut Stumped by GoPro Camera appeared first on
    Geek - 17 mai, 23:00
If your current gaming PC is starting to feel old, now’s a good time to invest in a brand new rig. You can pick up a six-core CyberPower Gamer Xtreme tower with a […] The post Geek Deals: 6-Core Gaming Desktop for $800, Business Class ASUS Laptop under $500, and more...
    Geek - 17 mai, 22:15
As far as handheld Nintendo gaming devices go (which are really the only handheld gaming devices worth getting) it’s about time everyone just moved over to the Nintendo Switch. The hybrid functionality is […] The post GEEK PICK OF THE DAY: Nintendo 2DS XL Yellow Pikachu...
    Geek - 17 mai, 22:00
Last month, reports began to circulate about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 not having a traditional single-player campaign. Instead, the game would focus on the franchise’s ever-popular multiplayer modes. The most interesting […] The post Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Does Indeed...
    Geek - 17 mai, 21:50
Love him or hate him, there’s no other character in Marvel that’s like Deadpool. This one of a kind mercenary for hire is a big part of the Marvel Universe right now, spanning […] The post A Crash Course in Deadpool appeared first on
    Geek - 17 mai, 21:00
Scientists have finally captured one of the ocean’s most mysterious jellyfish on film. Easily mistaken for a plastic bag floating under the sea, the tentacle-less Deepstaria enigmatica remains a mystery. The invertebrate has […] The post Low-Light Camera Captures Rare Glimpse...
    Geek - 17 mai, 20:00
The episode begins with the biggest fake-out and I was NOT HAPPY about it. Archie, Betty, and Veronica stand over a Jughead’s grave, and for a second, we think the show actually killed […] The post Riverdale Brings its Second Season to a Strangely Slow End appeared first on...
    Geek - 17 mai, 19:00
Like the kids and kids at heart equivalent of the death of Princess Diana, Toys R Us’s slow slide into bankruptcy continues. The beloved toy retailer is the latest victim of predatory capitalism, […] The post Toys R Us Sells Off Its Secret Sex Domains appeared first on...
    Geek - 17 mai, 18:00
Use and possession of cannabis is illegal under U.S. federal law. But policies regarding medicinal and recreational use vary greatly at the state level. Colorado famously legalized marijuana in 2014, authorizing licensed growers […] The post Can a Spritz of DNA Solve...
    Geek - 17 mai, 17:00
Humanoid robots can’t take over the world alone: Insect-esque androids are a great distraction, their tiny mechanical bodies crawling or flying to divert attention from the cyborg uprising. Or, I suppose, they could […] The post Flying Robot Insect Ditches Wires, Embraces Fre...
    Geek - 17 mai, 16:00
A long time ago, a very cool writer and director named George Lucas resisted studio meddling and made a movie called Star Wars. Like nearly all films, Star Wars was the result of […] The post Dear Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars, Let Directors Direct appeared first on
    Geek - 17 mai, 15:30
Remember The Crew? In an era where the Ubisoft empire was being heavily criticized for putting out endless open-world games that all basically followed the same generic template, racing game The Crew seemed to […] The post Hands-On: Race Across America on Land, Sea, and Sky...
    Geek - 17 mai, 15:00
Shenmue III has been delayed once again. The highly anticipated sequel was originally slated to release on PS4 and PC by the end of this year. However, publisher Deep Silver announced today that […] The post Delaying Shenmue III to 2019 is for the Best appeared first on...
    Geek - 17 mai, 14:00
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