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mardi 17 juillet 2018, 20:00
San Diego Comic-Con (or Comic-Con International, if you prefer) is coming, and it’s bringing loads and loads of show-exclusive collectibles from big names. Hasbro, as the driving force behind most Marvel and Star Wars […] The post Check Out Hasbro’s Marvel and Star Wars SDCC...
    Geek - 17 juil., 20:00
Drones are in, but joysticks are out. Scientists at École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have developed a modern, intuitive way to pilot unmanned aerial vehicles—using your torso. Perhaps a little odd to […] The post Look, Ma: No Hands! Pilot Drones With Just...
    Geek - 17 juil., 19:00
CRISPR/Cas9 is poised to become the gene-editing tool of the future. But, according to a new study, you may want to think twice before rewriting your DNA. Scientists at the Wellcome Sanger Institute […] The post Is CRISPR Gene Editing Doing More Harm Than Good? appeared...
    Geek - 17 juil., 18:04
If you’re an old-school gamer then you no doubt have a certain fondness for classic controllers. Unfortunately, you can’t use them with modern consoles. Or at least, that used to be the case. […] The post Resurrect Your Old Gaming Controllers With 8BitDo’s DIY Mod-Kits...
    Geek - 17 juil., 17:00
Is there anything robots can’t do? Aside from sexually please a woman and take out the trash, the answer is increasingly no. Case in point: Online gallery RobotArt recently announced the winners of […] The post Move Over, Picasso: Robot Paintings Are Surprisingly Good appeare...
    Geek - 17 juil., 16:00
Back in the days of geek prehistory, a T-shirt was a signal to the world around you that you cared about your nerdy pursuits enough to fly them like a flag. Companies like […] The post T-Shirt Tuesday: The Best Teen Titans Shirts appeared first on
    Geek - 17 juil., 15:00
An international team of scientists has located one of the densest clusters of galaxies in the universe. The team, led by Mauro Sereno of the University of Bologna, used gravitational lensing to probe […] The post Universe’s Densest Galaxy Cluster Discovered appeared first...
    Geek - 17 juil., 14:00
Superheroes are always a hot commodity, and you can barely throw a stone without hitting some news about an upcoming Marvel movie or a DC comic in the works. So it shouldn’t come […] The post My Hero Academia Featured This Hilarious Nod to Iron Man in its Latest Episode...
    Geek - 17 juil., 13:00
lundi 16 juillet 2018, 23:00
Days before Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin met in Helsinki, the U.S. intelligence director branded Russia the most “aggressive foreign actor” in the cyberwar against America. Speaking at a Friday event in Washington, […] The post U.S. Intel Chief Warns Cyber Attacks are at...
    Geek - 16 juil., 23:00
We all want to go to space. It’s quite hard to get up there because… science and money are very much a factor in planning this. However, we can’t go anywhere in the […] The post GEEK PEEK: NASA Lifestyle Duffel appeared first on
    Geek - 16 juil., 22:00
The Game Devs of Color Expo has quickly become my favorite post-E3 video game industry ritual. This third year of the show, and the second held in Harlem’s historic Schomburg Center for Research in […] The post We Played Games and Shared Wisdom at the Game Devs of Color...
    Geek - 16 juil., 21:00
They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and honestly that’s a really good policy usually. But when comics have gorgeous covers it’s hard not to imagine the wonderful story that lies within a […] The post Variant Covers to Grab This Week (7/18/18) appeared first on...
    Geek - 16 juil., 20:00
For many years, fans have dreamed about seeing actor Nathan Fillion play protagonist Nathan Drake in an Uncharted live-action film. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen in an official capacity. Actor Tom Holland […] The post This Uncharted Fan Film Proves Why Nathan...
    Geek - 16 juil., 19:00
I think it’s safe to say that Kingdom Hearts 3 is one of the most anticipated titles of all time. Fans who’ve been with the series since 2002 will have their patience rewarded […] The post Hands-On: Kingdom Hearts 3 is Fun Even if You’ve New to the Series appeared first...
    Geek - 16 juil., 15:00
Amazon Prime Day (and a half) doesn’t officially kick off until 3 p.m. ET today. But, in an everlasting effort to attract shoppers and encourage Prime memberships, the e-retailer is offering some early-bird […] The post Geek’s Guide to Amazon Prime Day 2018 appeared first on ...
    Geek - 16 juil., 14:00
The Doctor is in. During Sunday’s World Cup final (spoiler alert: France won), the BBC debuted a 40-second teaser trailer for the upcoming 11th series of Doctor Who. But the video—scored by new […] The post ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Teases 13th Doctor, Companions appeared first...
    Geek - 16 juil., 13:00
dimanche 15 juillet 2018, 16:00
Platonic friendship between two men is a beautiful thing, and the funnybooks have been putting forth some of pop culture’s most powerful bromances for nearly a century. In this feature, we’ll flip through […] The post The 11 Best Bromances In Comics appeared first on...
    Geek - 15 juil., 16:00
samedi 14 juillet 2018, 20:00
Listen, man, you know J. Thor by now, so you certainly know that I’m a big proponent of the arts. All of them. Seriously. What better way to bring yourself closer to the […] The post 11 Old Fantasy and Sci-Fi Book Covers That Are Insane appeared first on
    Geek - 14 juil., 20:00
Microsoft has been shipping Notepad as part of Windows for more than three decades. It hasn’t really changed much in all that time. This week, however, Microsoft announced a bevy of updates and […] The post Microsoft Is Finally Showing Notepad A Little Love appeared first on...
    Geek - 14 juil., 18:00
The Black Widow movie looks like it’s actually happening. And after only, what, eight years of asking for it? The movie just took a big step forward with the news that a director has signed […] The post MCU News: Black Widow Has a Director, Ant-Man Hints at the Future & Mor...
    Geek - 14 juil., 16:08
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