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jeudi 26 juillet 2018, 21:52
When App Store Preferences include “Download/Install Newly Available…etc” — will Mojave be “pushed” to those users resulting in the installation of a new upgrade without specific permission to do so from the user? I understand that it might be downloaded, but also...
mercredi 25 juillet 2018, 15:00
mardi 24 juillet 2018, 20:36
Last week there was a bit of a controversy as a MacBook Pro i9 user reported slowness when rendering video with his new top-end MacBook Pro. Turns out the problem is a software bug, not any performance issue or attempt by Apple to keep the processor from reaching its full...
I have a long list of ‘rules’ to handle junk mail. To avoid the rules, the senders constantly make changes so that I have to make new rules. Because of that, most of my rules probably is of no effect now. Question: Is there a way to delete old rules without have having...
Mac Pro / OS 10.13.6. / Three different printers: Brother /Canon / Epson How can define Pages to use a specific printer (the Canon) as a default printer? —– Loek
You can drag and drop a document to an app in the Dock to open it with that app. But it doesn’t appear that you can drag and drop to LaunchPad in the Dock, and then continue dragging inside LaunchPad to select an app. But you can. The trick is to wait for a second... Read...
lundi 23 juillet 2018, 22:26
The new 2018 iPhones are expected to allow you to use third-party fast chargers. These USB-C chargers will let you charge your iPhone quickly and use a USB-C to Lightning adapter. Mac Okatara is reporting that this will also mean the chargers need to be certified devices,...
samedi 21 juillet 2018, 00:13
So far Apple products have been spared from new U.S. import tariffs as phones and computers have been exempted. But the Apple Watch could be subject to those new tariffs, which could mean a price increase, or at least the lack of future reduced prices. According to CNBC,...
vendredi 20 juillet 2018, 16:36
This question was posted in Reddit and I am reproducing the same here: Anyone know about Mac OS Numbers? Trying to figure out a particular function from MacOS Anyway, I’m looking to create a function where, when a box is checked it copies & pastes values in that row to...
jeudi 19 juillet 2018, 22:52
MacRumors today is reporting proof that the new MacBook Pro keyboard is in fact designed to resist dust better than the previous versions. Apple has advertised that the new keyboard is simply quieter, but experts have said that Apple may simply be trying to avoid admitting...
When people complained about the new MacBook Pros using USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports instead of old USB ports, I kept saying that they were missing something big. These new ports are not just ports, they are like expansion slots. Expansion slots just like opening up a desktop...
mercredi 18 juillet 2018, 15:19
I am creating a photo slideshow in Keynote and have added an audio track to play throughout the slide show. The audio starts from the 1st slide. How can I start the audio track on a specific slide. Secondly I have a video clip included in the slide show as well. How can I...
Here is the AppleScript code used in the tutorial. on run {input, parameters} tell application 'Numbers' tell table 2 of sheet 1 of document 1 set options to {} set n to 2 repeat while (n ≤ the number of cells of column 1) set option to the value of cell n of column 1......
Monday was World Emoji Day, and Apple shared a preview of some new upcoming characters to celebrate. There will be new facial expressions, and new hairstyles to represent a wider variety of people. There will also be more symbols, including kangaroo, peacock, parrot,...
mardi 17 juillet 2018, 15:00
Say you are viewing an image in Preview and you want to open that same file in Acorn. Instead of finding the file in Finder and opening it in Acorn, you can click and hold the icon in the title bar of Preview, then drag it to Acorn in the Dock. This works with all... Read...
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