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lundi 22 octobre 2018, 15:46
Before upgrading to Mojave macOS I was able to achieve a dark Menu Bar (and pull down menus) with a setting in some place I have now forgetten (possibly System Preferences – General?) With Mojave it appears that I can only have a dark menu bar if I go ‘all-in’ with Dark M...
I am using Mojave on my brand new laptop AIR. I have called Apple and then do not seem to know why the mail system (using Mail) creates Drafts of emails often, even without me asking it to do so? I type and email and send then often a partial version of the email shows......
dimanche 21 octobre 2018, 15:59
I hardly ever turn my Mac off. I send it to “sleep” and then just press the space bar to wake it up when I want to use it. In the past few days the screen wouldn’t fire up even though I could hear the disk spinning up. This morning it was completely off and... Read more »
vendredi 19 octobre 2018, 15:00
I recently read somewhere that Mojave will only run on desktop computers that are 2012 or newer. Is that correct? I have a mid 2010 iMac but I did add a new SSD drive about a year ago. Thoughts? Thank you! —– Sandy M.
jeudi 18 octobre 2018, 23:33
Apple has sent out invitations to a special event on October 30. This is most likely when Apple will announce new products, such as possibly a new iPad and new Macs. Among the many rumors being circulated are the a new iPad Pro and a new MacBook Air are on the way. Others...
If I make a new folder on my iMac desktop, I then have to right click to rename it. Very rarely do I get the chance to name the folder when I actually create it. I am using El Capitan. —– Malone Guthrie
Next time you need to look up a phone number or email address of a contact, use the Spotlight menu instead of launching the Contacts app. Just a quick Command+Space and start typing the name of the contact and you get the basic information right there. You can roll over a...
I would like to use Keynote Live for Facebook live presentations from my desktop, preferably, or my iPhone or iPad. I’d like to be able to use the animation features of Keynote, if possible. Thank you! —– Carol
mercredi 17 octobre 2018, 19:37
In mMy, Apple set up a special site where users in the European Union could download all data associated with their Apple ID in order to comply with new EU laws. Now Apple has added more countries where this function is available. The site is rolling out today to people in...
The rumors are true. Adobe will be releasing a full-featured version of Photoshop for the iPad Pro. They announced this at their user conference and on their site. The app is “coming soon” and you can sign up to get a notification. The initial version will be missing some...
mardi 16 octobre 2018, 15:43
I have an older 11” MBA with a damaged screen. The repair would require a screen replacement which is too expensive. I’d like to be able access some files in the damaged MBA as well as open some apps. The damaged screen will not allow normal use of the MBA. Is it...
lundi 15 octobre 2018, 19:11
While trying to help a friend sort out a Mail problem, for the first time I noticed that in my iCloud Mail Account, Trash Mailbox in High Sierra I can choose among the following folders: iCloud [Airmail] Done Deleted Messages Send Trash Deleted Messages (Gmail) Then, below a ...
vendredi 12 octobre 2018, 15:00
Now that I am using Mojave, once I open something like an app, it stays in the dock. If drag it to trash, and it goes away, but when I reboot or start from cold, it reappears. Is there a setting to make things be deleted from the dock? I am not all the way... Read more »
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