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mardi 16 janvier 2018, 17:36
Sometimes the images on my desktop do not display in total. For example, there are a number of PDF’s, at times they say simply PDF with the description underneath while other times the actual image of the PDF is displayed. Is there a way to refresh the look without...
lundi 15 janvier 2018, 17:39
I want to autofill a column in a table in Pages with sequential numbers. —– Sandra
samedi 13 janvier 2018, 22:49
How do I remove downloaded Files app files without deleting the file from iCloud? I can’t figure this out on iOS or MacOS. The only option deletes the file from everything including iCloud. MacOS 10.13.2 iOS 11.2.1 —– Todd Mavis
I created a Reminders list on my iPad. I then got on my iMac and sorted the list alphabetically. Looked fine on the Mac but looking at the list on the iPad and iPhone it was the original, unsorted version. What do I need to do to see the sorted list on my iPhone/iPad?...
I have hundreds of embroidery files in folders, within folders and sometimes again. It is getting to the point that I need a different way of knowing all of the files that I have, in one place in a list. Currently they are in folders A,B,C, then Animals, Alphabets,...
vendredi 12 janvier 2018, 18:43
I want to backup a number of albums of photos in Photos, on a single DVD. What is the easiest way to do this? Many photos are involved. I would like to maintain the backed up photos organized as in the albums. —– Dick Vitales
Although the automatic iCloud back up of my iOS devices backs up much of the devices’ data, apparently not everything is backed up. I have files such as ebooks purchased from various sources, pdf files, etc that I want to back up as well. How do I do this? My devices are...
I am new at using MAC and on the very first day of my new job, my mentor gave me a stressful task to Backup Emails on the Mail application. There are 3 email ids, and these are our support email database. Overall there are tons of emails in the inbox. I need to backup......
jeudi 11 janvier 2018, 22:21
If I am in Pages typing a story and I would like to make the first character of the first word of a paragraph be a Drop Cap letter, can it be done? I have a 2016 Mac Book Pro 15″/ 16GB and I cannot figure out how to accomplish this. —– Rick B.
I have a fairly new MacBook running Sierra (10.12.6).Should i upgrade now, for security, etc., and are there specific steps i should follow before downloading the update?Is this something i can use Apple Care + phone access for? Thanks —– George H. Middleton
If you want the Mac App Store to show you apps that have Photos extensions, use the search field and try “” to find extensions for editing. You can also use “” to find extensions that offer more printing and project...
mercredi 10 janvier 2018, 17:27
I’ve watched your video module Creating Forms in IPad Numbers (398). I chose the template on Checklists. After entering the data and then creating a new form, the data transfers to multiple forms. However, I would like to enter additional data under each of the forms but...
mardi 9 janvier 2018, 17:45
Columns A and B in Numbers have a variety of currency data; how can I highlight (or locate visually somehow) the cells in column A that have NO DUPLICATES in column B, regardless of rows? —– Juan Carlos
lundi 8 janvier 2018, 17:19
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