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vendredi 31 août 2018, 17:00
The International Space Station’s cabin pressure is holding steady after the Expedition 56 crew repaired an air leak on one of two Russian Soyuz spacecraft. A teeny tear in the fabric of the […] The post ISS Pressure ‘Steady’ After Crew Repair Air Leak appeared first on...
    Geek - 31 août, 17:00
Vending machines dispense everything from chocolate bars and soda cans to full-sized books and live fishing bait. And, for all your carnivorous needs, locally sourced raw meat. Applestone Meat Company—from husband-and-wife team Joshua […] The post 24/7 Meat Vending...
    Geek - 31 août, 16:00
In the year and half since I wrote this feature outlining just why I dislike the roguelike genre, I’ve played a lot more roguelikes. That’s because randomly generated, mechanics-heavy, permadeath games are a […] The post Into the Breach and the Few Good Roguelikes...
    Geek - 31 août, 15:00
As a child, I had a recurring nightmare that my dad was being chased by a hungry shark, and all I could do was stand on the end of an empty pier and […] The post Two Genes Regulate How Much Humans Dream appeared first on
    Geek - 31 août, 14:00
North America’s first (reported) sex doll brothel just got cockblocked. A week before Aura Dolls was scheduled to open its always-open den of high-tech iniquity in a Toronto strip mall, city officials shut […] The post Plans for Toronto Sex Doll Brothel Thwarted appeared...
    Geek - 31 août, 13:00
jeudi 30 août 2018, 23:22
You don’t have enough useful or funny feeds clogging your social media. We’re here to change that. Welcome to’s Follow This, a weekly highlight of feeds and channels you should be following. […] The post Follow This: Summoning Salt (YouTube Channel) appeared first...
    Geek - 30 août, 23:22
Labor Day sales have hit very hard this year, and we’re seeing discounts on all sorts of gear. From the high-end gaming phone from Razer to 1440p monitors to tool kits, online retailers […] The post Geek Deals: $150 off Razer 120Hz Gaming Phone, $10 Mystery Box appeared...
    Geek - 30 août, 23:00
For a time, we couldn’t touch our screens at all. Well we could, but it wouldn’t do anything besides leave a smudge. Then came resistive touchscreen technology letting us interact with our display […] The post GEEK PICK: Logitech Crayon appeared first on
    Geek - 30 août, 22:00
Recently, we were privy to a few early looks at what could potentially be Adidas’s upcoming Adidas x Dragon Ball Z sneakers. They were, in a word, awful. Grab some eye bleach and […] The post These Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Kamanda “Majin Buu” Sneakers Are Actually Pretty...
    Geek - 30 août, 21:50
iBUYPOWER Intel i7 8700 6-Core GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Gaming Desktop with 8GB RAM and 1TB HDD for $1166 Where else can you get an Intel Core i7-8700 6-core GTX 1070 Ti equipped […] The post Daily Geek Deals: $150 off Star Wars X-Wing Quadcopter Drone, Gloomhaven Board Game for...
    Geek - 30 août, 21:15
Scientists have discovered four new species of ancient parasitic wasps dating back many millenia. New research, published this week in the journal Nature Communications, provides the first set of definite proof of endoparasitism […] The post Chestburster Wasps Named After...
    Geek - 30 août, 20:00
I truly believe cosplay is for everyone and fully support what makes you feel good in your character. But as much as I love it, it can be a costly hobby. I’m fortunate […] The post Closet Cosplay: Black Widow Undercover – Civil War appeared first on
    Geek - 30 août, 19:00
After years of bouncing around different streaming services, there’s finally one place where you can watch all the classic 1990s Nickelodeon your slimy heart desires. just added NickSplat to their offerings bringing […] The post 10 Classic Nickelodeon Episodes on...
    Geek - 30 août, 18:09
As overall beer sales continue to decline across the country, manufacturers are being forced to get creative with their products. But is the latest trend—cannabis-infused brews—more trouble than it’s worth? As MarketWatch pointed […] The post You’ll Have to Travel to...
    Geek - 30 août, 17:03
An international team of astronomers this week revealed new details about a “monster galaxy” 12.4 billion light years away. Scientists from Japan, Mexico, and the University of Massachusetts Amherst uncovered previously unknown structural […] The post Astronomers Make...
    Geek - 30 août, 16:00
“For AMANDA CASSIDY, the popular eSport Renegade Rule is her life’s passion, and she dreams of going pro on the global circuit. She lives and breathes the game and even has a not-so-secret […] The post Renegade Rule Dominates eSports and Friendship for an Epic Win appeared...
    Geek - 30 août, 15:00
Some 3,000 Americans die each year of foodborne maladies—many of which could be prevented with soap, water, and a good scrub. Just 30 seconds of handwashing—what the Center for Disease Control called the […] The post Wash, Dry, Scan: Device Detects Disease-Causing Germs...
    Geek - 30 août, 14:00
The future of the DC movie universe largely rests on Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Shazam!, oddly enough. Movies that look fun, colorful and awe-inspiring just like the comics they’re based on. Everything we’ve seen from those […] The post Batman Loses a Dad Again, Another Ben...
    Geek - 30 août, 13:00
mercredi 29 août 2018, 23:13
Make room in your DNA—next to the family vacation photos and entire text of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy“—to store your cryptocurrency fortune. Startup Carverr invites bitcoin miners to protect their digital […] The post Store Your Bitcoin Fortune in DNA...
    Geek - 29 août, 23:13
It’s time for more fashion-forward nerd outerwear with Volante Design’s Superhuman Streetwear! This time we’re looking at some modern-day assassin gear with the Augment-H2 hoodie. It’s a hooded sweatshirt, and it looks great. […] The post Geek Pick: Volante Design Augment-H2...
    Geek - 29 août, 22:00
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