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vendredi 28 juin 2019, 23:22
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Jeux, Ear Trainig: Cover full syllabus of exam with permission of ABRSM * Recommend by Bloomberg Businessweek and effectiveness proven by International Journal of Music Education. More than 500,000 users worldwide Up to 180 exam mock questions 94%...
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Synthétiseurs: Phase84 is a next generation phase distortion synthesizer. It fuses gritty digital sounds with traditional analog punch. +++++ Phase84 is a Tabletop Ready App. Combine Phase84 with drum machines, sequencers, effects, and more...
jeudi 27 juin 2019, 23:35
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Autres: FlyTunz turns your iPhone into a completely new type of musical instrument. It's like a Magic Piano! This Unique Musical Piano Instrument can be played by pointing your iPhone in a direction and then tapping or holding down a button on...
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Autres: Advanced field recorder combined with a sound warp engine and a collection of ready to use dynamic presets for iPad and iPhone. Discover new ways to create and construct unusual and exciting sounds from any environmental audio recordings...
mercredi 26 juin 2019, 07:14
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Accords et Gammes: Can be quickly confirmed when needed, it is piano chords table app. By touching the keyboard part, you can also check the actual sound. Please use means for playing and composers.
mardi 25 juin 2019, 23:22
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Entrainement: Coryvo is the ultimate resource for improving your rhythmic reading and vocabulary. Based on the concepts of Random Practice and Immediate Feedback, Coryvo uses cutting-edge computer algorithms to create completely randomised rhythmic ...
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Autres: Turn any recording into a synthesizer! Now with support for Audiobus and MIDI. MegaCurtisBig uses an unusual hybrid of wavetable and granular synthesis to create tones and timbres quite apart from the standard FM or subtractive synthesis...
lundi 24 juin 2019, 18:16
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Jeux, Ear Trainig: An app anyone can enjoy with which you learn to have perfect and relative pitch. Especially suited to those learning the chords of just intonation. This app is beloved by many, from those who want to be good at karaoke to brass...
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Accords et Gammes: C’est en forgeant qu’on devient forgeron. iReal Pro propose un outil facile à utiliser pour aider les musiciens de tous niveaux à maîtriser leur art. Notre application simule le son d’un vrai groupe...
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Fun: Apprenez à jouer 16 000 mélodies de la bibliothèque IMSLP et apprenez à jouer des accords! Amousez-vous avec ce piano qui joue Mozart, Bach et Beethoven transformés en concertos amusants pour smartphone. Profitez des 16 000...
dimanche 23 juin 2019, 07:25
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Jeux, Ear Trainig: Every musician should work on Ear Training (or Aural Training) and Interval Ear Training is a very important element of ear training. To put it very simply, you will learn to recognise the relationship between two notes (by...
vendredi 21 juin 2019, 08:59
iPhone, iPad / Outils / Composition: La notation musicale est facile et amusante lorsque vous utilisez iWriteMusic! Si vous avez déjà pensé que 'les applications de notation musicale sont trop compliquées à apprendre' ou 'Il faut une éternité pour...
iPhone, iPad / Outils / Composition: La notation musicale est facile et amusante lorsque vous utilisez iWriteMusic! Si vous avez déjà pensé que 'les applications de notation musicale sont trop compliquées à apprendre' ou 'Il faut une...
jeudi 20 juin 2019, 23:39
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Batterie: Song Beats est une nouvelle application de Yamaha qui vous permet de jouer facilement de la batterie en même temps que vos morceaux préférés! Un excellent outil de performance pour les batteurs sur iPhone ou...
iPhone, iPad / Outils / Analyse: Key+ is a handy tool for estimating the musical key of digital recordings and live audio. A must-have for musicians and DJ's, Key+ analyzes audio and returns both the key and it's relative major or minor signature.
mercredi 19 juin 2019, 23:22
iPhone, iPad / Instruments / Autres: BureaMini is a downsized version of the Burea app. It allows to play the Great Manual and the Pedal of Lars Palo's Bureå Church sampleset with a MIDI keyboard and MIDI pedal attached to your iOS device. You don't need any more...
lundi 17 juin 2019, 17:05
iPhone, iPad / Studio Portable / Effets: Change the BPM of your music! Perfect for Runners, Cyclists, DJs, Music Instructors and Dance Instructors or anyone who wants to move to their own beat. Accolades: • Featured by Apple as a Fitness Essential...
iPhone, iPad / Outils / Controlleurs: Allen & Heath Qu-Pad Description Qu-Pad release V1.92 for iPad. This version is for Qu mixers running V1.9 firmware. Qu-Pad is an engineer’s live mixing tool providing wireless mobile control for the Allen & Heath range...
dimanche 16 juin 2019, 23:22
iPhone, iPad / Studio Portable / MultiPistes: Thesys is an extremely powerful and intuitive MIDI Step Sequencer app, giving you control over just about all aspects of your favorite MIDI devices. Use Thesys to create varied and organic bass lines, screaming leads, pulsating...
iPhone, iPad / Educatifs / Jeux, Ear Trainig: It is a music dictation written down on a music sheet. Being able to set up the number of times of reproduction freely from 1 time to 8 times, an answer indicates by expansion. In addition, please prepare a music sheet and the...
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