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samedi 17 avril 2021, 10:00
M Banks | How to Cultivate Your Stage Persona: 10 Tips Owen Davie | How to execute a COVID-safe live event Rachelle Wilber | Music photography: The perfect shot Mark Knight | In search of meaningful engagement
vendredi 16 avril 2021, 00:29
While it’s important to remember that we are still deep in the throws of a global pandemic, there is something resembling a glimmer at the end of the tunnel, enough that artists, venues, and fans alike are salivating for live events to return.  While anything resembling a...
jeudi 15 avril 2021, 22:15
 Whether you’re a musician in a band, you’re a solo performer or you’re doing something entirely unconventional with your performance, whatever it is, cultivating a stage persona and having a presence that matches the work you’re doing is an important part of reaching your...
As a music photographer, your job is a challenging one that comes with new curve balls every day. Because of this, you have to learn to be versatile and adaptable. Many different situations will come your way during your career, so get ready for them as they come your way....
In this article, we explore how to build meaningful engagement and suggest your website and first-party data has a bigger role to play. Social Media’s and the quest for engagement It’s no surprise that Instagram’s arrival in 2010 heralded a rapid rise in Google searches for...
samedi 10 avril 2021, 10:00
Your Online Singing Coach | 4 Vocal Tips For Getting Sync Placements Jennifer Spencer | How Soulful, Storytelling Songwriters get on Spotify Rachelle Wilber | How to Make Playing the Guitar a More Personal Experience Juri Kobayashi  | Playlisting your music in China  
jeudi 8 avril 2021, 03:32
Getting a song into a film or TV show is one of the most exciting things an artist can experience.  It can be lucrative, and it can be one of the best ways to get discovered in this over-saturated world of DIY music releases.  Unfortunately, the cat is out of the bag and...
mardi 6 avril 2021, 01:07
If you are a songwriter, a soulful, truth-telling, musical storyteller, you may not have skills or interest in music production software and technology.  Sitting at a computer feeling frustrated with a software program, is not your vibe — when you could be playing guitar and ...
samedi 3 avril 2021, 10:00
Thank you to the Music Think Tank community for your committed readership and the insightful content that many of you have shared! Without your contributions, this website would not exist. If you have something to say about the music industry, we strongly encourage you to...
Originally posted by Teemu Uimonen at   All musicians with a passion and trust in their own music want their songs to be heard. I am one of them for sure. I know that my music comes from the heart and there are people out there who would like the sounds I have...
mardi 30 mars 2021, 21:30
If you really want to enjoy playing the guitar, try making it a more individualized experience. You can have a deeper connection to the instrument, the music you play and yourself. This can be exciting and calming at the same time. These tips can help you make it a more...
samedi 27 mars 2021, 09:00
Sam Bowman | Rejuvenate, replenish your creative music juice  Caleb J. Murphy | 5 things to help you keep going as a musician Mark Knight  | Let’s talk about ethics and music promotion Jonathon Blake  | Missing! Women in the music industry!
vendredi 26 mars 2021, 16:19
Writer’s block – not just for authors anymore! Musicians are often known for being some of the most creative people on the planet, and rightfully so. There have undoubtedly been times when you’ve rattled off a new song in a matter of minutes, or other times when you can’t fil...
mercredi 24 mars 2021, 16:00
If you want to stay encouraged and motivated as a musician, I have five resources to share with you. Check them out below… The following is an excerpt from my twice-monthly newsletter called 5 Things To Help You Keep Going. This email helps 1,000+ other musicians stay encour...
When it comes to ethics and music promotion, it’s important to start at the top with the worst offenders. Mark Knight RCM blog founder tackles the paid reviews debate. In the last few week’s we’ve come across several online articles and posts criticising music blogs for...
Don’t be fooled by the success of big names like Billie Eilish, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. Women are not the majority. There is a drastic difference in both the representation and the portrayal of women in the music industry, compared to their males counterparts. This year’s I...
samedi 20 mars 2021, 09:00
M Banks  | How to leverage word-of-mouth advertising for your music Alex L | Tips to make the most of your piano practice time  M Banks  | How to get an expensive car for your music video Jure Rejec | Streaming won’t make up for the revenue lost by the lack of live gigs.
vendredi 19 mars 2021, 04:00
No matter how much time you spend practicing, you want to make sure that every minute of it counts toward furthering your ability to play the songs you’re learning, and your overall skill on the piano.  It’s better to put in half an hour of very productive practice than an...
jeudi 18 mars 2021, 01:36
As a musician, it’s important to promote your music in multiple ways. Many musicians focus on self-promotion through advertisements, appearances, and meeting fans.   Although this method produces an increase in sales, there is a strategy you may be missing known as...
mercredi 17 mars 2021, 21:02
As a musician, there’s plenty of competition out there. Not only do you want your music to stand out, but also your music videos. Having engaging music videos helps promote your music and can even get you nominated for video awards.   So, how do you make a music video that...
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