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mardi 23 janvier 2018, 22:54
As a music producer, artist or musician (especially if you’re starting out) you’re probably wondering how it’s possible to take your passion and push it so you’re able to do it full-time, without having to worry about how you’re going to pay rent. How to make money from...
samedi 20 janvier 2018, 11:00
D Cumming | The Future For Independent Music Artists Rachelle Wilber | How To Make Your Stage Presence Memorable With Fantastic Fashion Jesper Skibsby | Is Radio Still Important – And Did Streaming Kill The Radio Star? Dixie Somers | Should You Hire Security Guards For Your M...
vendredi 19 janvier 2018, 13:34
It does not come as a surprise that the evolution of the internet has completely changed the entire music industry for the good of course. Different technologies such as streaming, sharing, eCommerce and social media are offering independent artists increased chances of...
The best musicians in the world are known for their catchy tunes, powerful vocals and incredible instrument skills. They’re also frequently known for their mesmerizing stage presences. If you’re a musician who wants to captivate audiences at upcoming shows, your style can...
jeudi 18 janvier 2018, 02:21
The music industry is caught up with streaming and playlists and with good reasons, but what about radio? How does the future look for the radio format and is it still relevant?   In 2010, I started a management company with very limited resources and know-how about the music...
Whether you’re hosting a small karaoke party or a jam-packed musical festival, you have a responsibility as the event organizer to make sure that all of your guests get home safely. Here are just a few risk factors to consider and how security guards from a company like...
lundi 15 janvier 2018, 21:50
  When you’re in a touring band, you want to do everything you can to get word out. There’s no such thing as having too many fans. While you’re out on the road, you can grow your following. Your tour bus is the perfect opportunity to advertise your band. It just requires you...
samedi 13 janvier 2018, 10:00
Daniel Matthews | Struggling In A Traveling Band? Try Remote Work Adam Mezzatesta | 10 Gigging Mis-haps For Your Band To Avoid Rachelle Wilber | 4 Ways To Improve Your Music, Utilize Practice Time Robert Lanterman | 5 Albums To Roadtrip To This Winter Lisa Occhino | 15 Best...
vendredi 12 janvier 2018, 22:22
Touring is one of the funnest things about being in a band. But too often, bands mistake touring for an excuse to party. When my former band, The Kitchen, toured down the West Coast in an ‘87 Dodge Prospector that was ready to die, and we mostly partied and ate out a lot and...
jeudi 11 janvier 2018, 17:47
It’s show time! There you are, waiting in the wings for what’s shaping up to be one heck of night, and lo and behold, something’s gone wrong. Here’s a few common problems you might face as a gigging band, and how to deal with them as and when they occur. 1. Breaking a string...
Music is great as a form of expression and a way to unwind. However, you need to put in work if you want to see results. No one, whether it’s Beethoven or Bruce Springsteen, became accomplished without putting in the necessary time to learn their instrument. Even when you...
The “holiday season” as it’s called is a time of change and contemplation, as well as travel. A lot of us end up traveling for the holidays, driving for long periods of time through snowstorms and fog to see our loved ones. Some of us just use the winter time to go skiing or...
lundi 8 janvier 2018, 13:22
This post was written by Lisa Occhino and originally appeared on the Bandzoogle Blog You were probably well aware when you decided to pursue music as a career that money wasn’t exactly going to start pouring in on day one. It’s no secret that until you’re able to earn a...
samedi 6 janvier 2018, 10:00
Alex Cowles | Everyone Wants To Build Their Fanbase Rachelle Wilber | 4 Points Every Music Venue Owner Needs To Jot Down Jordan Gates | When Should You Hire A Booking Agent? Daniel Matthew | How To Make A Great Website For Your Band MusicGalaxy | A New Discovery In Music:...
jeudi 4 janvier 2018, 16:32
I ask everyone who joins my email list at HTSR what the single, biggest, most important thing that they are worried about or trying to do when they are making or releasing music, and here’s a selection of responses (these are actual quotes): “I want to increase my fan base,...
mercredi 3 janvier 2018, 23:30
If you own a music venue, such as a club, you have a lot of technical maintenance issues that you need to consider to keep your place attractive to potential music goers. Any place that is crowded has to be kept both comfortable and safe. To do this, you as the music venue...
mardi 2 janvier 2018, 10:31
  Every artist goes through phases of their career as they evolve and mature over time. No matter how famous an artist becomes, they all started out somewhere. In the early days, a lot of bands book their own shows until it becomes necessary to seek out an agent or when an ag...
mardi 19 décembre 2017, 18:11
You might not think you need a website for your band. After all, there’s Bandcamp, Soundcloud and other music streaming sites for getting your music out there. And, of course, for videos there’s YouTube, while Facebook and Instagram take care of promotion and communication...
lundi 18 décembre 2017, 18:57
Did you ever wonder how it would look like to connect colors to notes and bind them with musical instruments? 144 Notes is the answer! It is a visual representation of musical notes, where colors are used as symbols to represent pitches. The main discovery is that ...
samedi 16 décembre 2017, 10:00
Ben Jacklin | Not Experimenting With Instruments? You’re Doing Things Wrong Chelsea Ira | New Music Licensing Course Now Available  George Christopoulos | Oticons Faculty Film Music Competition 2018
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