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lundi 11 septembre 2017, 08:00
It's easy to overspend when you start building a home studio. You start looking at reviews online, reading online forums and suddenly start doubting your initial decisions. The $200 USB interface you were initially hoping to purchase is now a $500 interface.This is the...
samedi 9 septembre 2017, 15:13
If you have ever sat down at a DAW and thought, I am going to make the next big hit, but I don’t know how to start the track or what to make, then this tutorial is for you.While you might be upset that ideas aren’t just flowing out of you into the DAW, know that this is...
dimanche 3 septembre 2017, 21:13
For many Electronic Musicians, learning music theory can seem like a daunting task.Everyone says you should learn the theory behind music and apply it to your productions, but you may not know where to start or what is relevant to electronic producers. This leaves electronic...
vendredi 1 septembre 2017, 12:07
What better way to celebrate ten years of Envato Tuts+, than with a fantastic selection of freebies and resources for our community? Join us as we take a look at how Tuts+ has changed over the last ten years, and share a selection of free courses, templates, eBooks,...
mercredi 30 août 2017, 20:33
If you're a graphic or web designer with a thirst for knowledge, you're in luck. We've just partnered with A Book Apart and Smashing Magazine to bring you dozens of eBooks from some of the leading names in the industry, like CodePen co-founder Chris Coyier and typography...
mardi 29 août 2017, 20:00
Every great audiovisual project needs an equally great sound track to go with it. If you’re looking for just the right electronic dance music track for your project, here are fifteen of the best to be found at AudioJungle. What’s more, you can rest assured that you will...
mercredi 23 août 2017, 15:02
It's Envato's 11th birthday this week, but it's OK—you don't have to buy us a gift. In fact, we're celebrating by giving you some gifts. Read on for news of some huge discounts and freebies available this week only. Or visit Envato's birthday sale page to access the...
mardi 22 août 2017, 04:00
This Promotion is Now ExpiredUnfortunately this promotion has now come to an end. You can read about the other promotions that are happening for Envato's birthday though. There's still lots to explore!What is Envato Elements?To celebrate Envato's 11th birthday, we're excited ...
jeudi 17 août 2017, 09:00
In this tutorial I'll help you to understand what is the most suitable equipment to purchase for a mastering studio. The recommend equipment is divided into three types of mastering studio:  Dedicated Home Studio: private use or just starting out Semi-Pro: part-time Pro:...
lundi 14 août 2017, 10:30
IntroductionStudio monitors are one of the most important pieces of hardware in any audio studio. In this tutorial, I'll examine and describe the characteristics of a number of studio monitors costing in the region of $1,000-1,300.Studio monitors are specifically designed...
lundi 7 août 2017, 10:00
Let's face it, mixing is a subjective art. Put two top mixers in a room together and there'll be a number of things that they disagree on: different techniques, different methods and different styles. But there's one thing they are more likely to agree on—results. There...
mardi 1 août 2017, 15:46
People use Envato Tuts+ for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes it's just for fun or to pick up some creative skills as a hobby. But many people also use the site to help them in their careers. We ran a reader survey earlier this year, and some of the responses were quite...
lundi 31 juillet 2017, 20:00
Music Kits Quick Overview If you're new to Envato's Music Kits, read Eric Schwarz's tutorial Why Envato Music Kits Are the Essential Audio Solution to Any Project or, for a quick overview, view the video above.Music KitsWhether you’re creating videos, podcasts, TV or radio...
vendredi 28 juillet 2017, 15:44
Compression can be a bit of a dark art. It takes some time to wrap one's head around how it works. But, even then, there is a whole world of opportunities for you to go deeper with your understanding of compression.Despite the simplicity of this tool, there are countless...
lundi 24 juillet 2017, 17:13
You’ve been offered a festival gig. You picture a huge stage, a massive PA system and thousands of people revering you like the rock god you know you are.If you’re a big headline act, this is true. If you’re an unknown band, however, this first festival experience may...
mercredi 19 juillet 2017, 10:00
Self-development is a regular topic for me. I've embraced it throughout life. I made, however, a bigger commitment and achieved more in the last six years. Self-improvement is important in every area of our life; it's just as essential in the musical field.These are the skill...
vendredi 14 juillet 2017, 12:00
In this tutorial, I'll show you my kit list and how I use that kit. I will guide you through both hardware and software tools that will provide the basis for your own small studio set up.I started making music in 2001. Since then I've upgraded my studio setup several times....
jeudi 13 juillet 2017, 10:00
Last month, we made a big announcement: unlimited stock photos on Envato Elements. Now, to celebrate the launch, we're giving away 16 free images and design assets, to give a small taste of what Elements has to offer. They all come with a simple license allowing you to use...
lundi 3 juillet 2017, 00:12
Compression isn't easy to master.It's one of the most important tools, in the toolbox, as a mixer—yet it's also one of the hardest to grasp. Focus on having a complete understanding of how every parameter works. This will get you eighty per cent of the way there.But even...
mercredi 28 juin 2017, 13:33
In these tutorials I’ve covered the skills and equipment needed for online session work. You can find the others here:How To Be An Online Session Musician: Part 1How To Be An Online Session Musician: Part 2In this tutorial I’ll cover presenting yourself, as well as...
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