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vendredi 28 juin 2019, 20:57
One thing that made learning drums harder for me at a young age was that it felt more like homework than having fun. Below, I’ll list a few approaches to drumming that helped me to spice things up a little bit (and later, applied to my life as a drummer in bands). DJ Snare ...
The standout guitarist in a band of accomplished Berklee College musicians, John Petrucci is renowned for his masterful guitar playing. For much of his 30-year career in Dream Theater, Petrucci has trusted Ernie Ball Music Man with crafting his series of articulate,...
mardi 25 juin 2019, 22:46
While it sounds pretty simple and is widely used by guitarists and bassists alike, compression is an effect that is easily misunderstood. Most people know or think they need it, but don’t always know why. Being primarily a utility effect — used to keep signal dynamics under...
vendredi 21 juin 2019, 08:00
At some of Chicago’s more famous museums, patrons aren’t supposed to touch the exhibits. But Synth House Chicago Museum is different. In this cozy co-working space in the West Town neighborhood, guests get their hands on an impressive collection of modern and vintage...
jeudi 20 juin 2019, 16:07
As I wrote the title of this post, I suddenly realized: “There is nothing sexy about the words “generative music.” Just hearing them places you in the land of people in lab coats, looking at Matrix-like code, and listening to really unmusical, experimental music. After you...
lundi 17 juin 2019, 08:00
There comes a time in every guitarist’s life where carrying around that huge bag of pedals and cables to assemble at every gig becomes too much. Putting together a pedalboard is a great way to organize and transport your pedals while also cutting your set up time down to...
samedi 15 juin 2019, 06:00
Radiohead, the behemoth rock band of legend, carried so much content for us to represent in our first Legends of Tone feature that we literally couldn’t boil it down into just one video successfully. Instead, we decided to go with an extra-special, unprecedented sequel:...
vendredi 14 juin 2019, 08:18
Andrew Marshall is a working drummer who has played and produced for dozens of artists and bands. Currently he’s supplying beats and live production on Billie Eilish’s When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? tour. zZounds sat down with Andrew in the depths of the United...
jeudi 13 juin 2019, 16:41
Boss has just announced an entirely new series of pedals: the 200 Series! Fitting in perfectly between their standard series of stompboxes and the top-shelf 500 Series, these pedals suit players looking for expanded options of their favorite effects and tones, all in one...
mardi 11 juin 2019, 21:56
With Summer NAMM just around the corner, buzz is starting to build about new gear from top brands. We’ll be keeping you up to date right here as always, so continue to check back to this page as the rumor mill turns! Fender The all-new Vintera series is here! These...
samedi 8 juin 2019, 08:00
Getting a signature model is a dream for many musicians. Creating something to your exact specs, tastes and sonic preferences is definitely a sign you’ve made it. We asked zZounds staffers what their dream signature gear would look like and we got a range of cool ideas....
mardi 4 juin 2019, 20:03
The first time I sat at a synthesizer I didn’t care about the knobs and faders, I was just excited about the sound coming from my speakers. As I became more comfortable with synths, I started picturing the specific tones in my head, and how I could use those same knobs to...
lundi 3 juin 2019, 20:26
Drum heads: an oft-debated subject for drummers in which hard-and-fast opinions abound. Clear or coated? Single ply or double ply? Let’s dig into this debate and learn what impact drum heads have on the sound of your kit. Ply Put simply, the ply refers to how many layers of...
Week On Walking The Floor The music industry has been quite a journey for Cordovas’ Joe Firstman, but he’s lived to tell the tale, right here on Walking The Floor! About The Guest Joe Firstman is an American multi-genre singer, songwriter, and former late-night bandleader...
mercredi 22 mai 2019, 08:00
What is Compression? As many (or maybe all) of you already know, dynamic range compression is basically a particular type of audio signal processing that attenuates the peak audio wave decibel level while increasing the dB level of the quieter signals. In the easiest...
lundi 20 mai 2019, 17:36
Week On Walking The Floor Hayes Carll is one of the greatest songwriters out there today. Listen up for songwriting tips, sage wisdom and a lengthy discussion of his van. About The Guest Hayes Carll is a singer-songwriter. A native of The Woodlands, Texas, his style of...
Introduced in 2010, the original Monotron was Korg’s first analog synthesizer in 25 years. Two years later came the Monotron Delay, which added a built-in digital delay (as well as UV-reflective paint on the front panel). With a synth that’s so basic in functionality, the...
samedi 18 mai 2019, 08:00
Sometimes pairing up a few pieces of gear can help squeeze the most versatility out of each. In this edition of zZounds’ Perfect Pairings, we’re partnering up the Moog Grandmother analog synthesizer with the Eventide Rose modulated delay pedal to create fat, lush soundscapes ...
vendredi 17 mai 2019, 08:00
Cleaning and polishing your cymbals not only preserves their look and shine, but also extends their life and tone! We all know that nearly every cymbal maker and tons of third-party companies make polish, but what works the best for you and could a D.I.Y. solution work just...
mardi 14 mai 2019, 14:24
Sample libraries have come a long way and I can’t deny it, but there’s something beautifully organic about capturing live acoustic instruments. It’s similar to the pictures you take on an old disposable camera. That being said, nobody likes seeing a zit in their photo. ...
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