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vendredi 8 mars 2019, 18:38
I’m a cradle Catholic, so Catholicism – and its associated dogma – are a large part of my life. But while I fully accept and believe in my religious dogma (for instance, Jesus is the Son of God and there is only one God), what I have always had a problem with is how that […]
I have to admit that I haven’t been too impressed with Fender’s offerings for quite awhile. I have three Strats and a Tele, but I haven’t seen anything coming out of Fender that got me really excited; that is, until now. When I checked my email this morning, I saw one from...
samedi 2 mars 2019, 19:58
As with anything we learn over time, playing guitar is a journey replete with ups and downs, feasts and famines, motivations and let-downs. It’s a never-ending, circuitous path that always guarantees that there’s something else around the next bend to discover and explore....
dimanche 24 février 2019, 22:45
More expensive doesn’t mean better. I was having a conversation with a fellow guitarist and gear slut who shared a story of how he first bought an Epiphone Les Paul then later purchased a Gibson Les Paul. He said to me that the difference in sound was like night and day. “I...
jeudi 21 février 2019, 20:08
No, not really. But since I returned to participating in online guitar forums, as I experienced in the past, there’s always that one in the crowd that let’s just say is much less conciliatory with their evaluation of others’ tone. On the one hand, lots of people enjoy the...
mardi 19 février 2019, 19:10
Last night I was fiddling about with the different IRs I purchased from OwnHammer yesterday running different amp models in GarageBand through various IRs. What I came to realize is that while the amp models are okay and actually very nice for clean tones, their overdrive...
If you’re doing home recording, like me, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on expensive recording equipment or even just gear like amps and cabinets and especially, microphones. You need to find economical ways to lay down your sound. Well, I recently discovered Impulse...
lundi 18 février 2019, 22:10
Like many, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on studio time, so I’m left to recording on my own. I’ve gotten better over the years with mixing and equalizing and in general, my production quality has gone up significantly. But one area where I haven’t been that satisfied...
dimanche 17 février 2019, 06:08
Ever since I got my BOSS Katana 50, I’ve gotten a sudden, renewed interest in modeling amps. My first modeling amp was a Line 6 Flextone III. That was a great amp, but modeling technology was still a bit immature at the time. The sound was actually great, but the feel just...
samedi 16 février 2019, 19:14
Last weekend I finally had the chance to gig with my Godin Artisan ST-V. It performed incredibly well, but it’s clear that I have a bit more work to do in dialing in my signal chain to get the best sound out of the guitar. How do I describe the natural tone of this guitar?...
vendredi 1 février 2019, 23:20
I didn’t mention that there’s also the Roland Blues Cube which is technically the same brand company as BOSS, but I won’t go there. Just the same, there has been discussion as to which amp to consider. Well, considering the pricing, I’d say both. BUT, it’s really the sound th...
vendredi 25 janvier 2019, 22:29
…albeit not cheap. For those of you who are familiar with attenuators, you know they solve a real problem with cranking a tube amp to get the power tubes to fully saturate: The volume that even a low wattage amp produces when it’s cranked is LOUD, and an attenuator helps to...
Since I’ve fixed up the guitar, I have been having some serious fun with it, breaking in the strings and honestly, getting the guitar used to being played again. In the meantime, I was waiting for information from Godin on the provenance of the guitar. And nothing is better...
jeudi 24 janvier 2019, 07:47
After work this evening, I went directly to my local Guitar Center and bought some strings (for me, they’re Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalts). After I wrote my previous article on the guitar yesterday, I couldn’t stop thinking about the guitar. I spent the entire day today dreaming...
For those of us who grew up in the ’70s and ’80’s, analog synthesizers were de rigueur to the music of the day. One of the most popular synths was the Prophet 5. I used to use a Yamaha DX-7, but there were some totally cool analog synths back then. Back in college in the […]
mercredi 23 janvier 2019, 21:41
Back in late 2017 when my friend passed on her late uncle’s guitars to me after she and her mom found them in their storage shed, one of the guitars she gave to me is this gorgeous Godin Artisan ST shown to the left. I was so enchanted by the Simon & Patrick PRO acoustic […]
mardi 22 janvier 2019, 19:28
Though I’ve been actively writing in the guitar gear space for well over a decade now, I’ve actually never been to NAMM. I get offered passes and interview opportunities galore, but I’ve never taken up the reps on their offers. It’s not that NAMM isn’t interesting to me; it...
Personally, I dig the stock speaker in my BOSS Katana 50, BUT I also dig Jensen speakers, especially the Jet series speakers, which are installed in all my cabinets. So when I got a press release from Jensen today announcing the new addition to the Jet family specifically...
lundi 21 janvier 2019, 23:56
…or maybe the more apt title should be: I finally figured out how to use this pedal. As I mentioned in my previous Gig Report on the Katana 50, I used the Abunai 2 as my overdrive machine, going for max clean-headroom on the amp. I did this mainly because the way our stage...
You can check it out here. Hmm… Maybe the new management was actually listening. And by the way, these have not been publicly announced as of yet – maybe after NAMM. At the top of the list are the Les Paul Standard models: ’50’s, ’50’s P-90, and ’60’s models. They must’ve...
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