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samedi 25 mai 2019, 20:28
Summary: The RS-4 provides all the great sequencing and conditioning as the original and on those two features alone, it’s valuable. But this isn’t just an ordinary power strip. Like the original, it is built like a tank and incredibly reliable. Get your gear powered on in...
Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Pedal Board Summary: The little brother of the larger and, in my opinion, more versatile board, this nonetheless provides a roomy surface to mount your pedals. It’s a basic board, really meant for using a 1-Spot, but that doesn’t take away from its...
…It probably is. BUT! There is a way to determine if something really is too good to be true. For that, let me share a quick story… On my Facebook feed, I saw an ad for a cheap wireless guitar system. It was just two identical-looking units about the size of a clip-on tuner;...
jeudi 23 mai 2019, 03:11
Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Pedal Board Summary: If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, lightweight pedal board, look no further. This is a sturdy board that should do well in any venue. Pros: Very lightweight, yet super-sturdy. Board height seems specifically made for a...
mercredi 22 mai 2019, 04:26
In my recent “Stupid Gear Myths” article, a reader commented, “…Work with what you have. Simplify your set-up, tailor it to your needs, your music style…” Wiser words cannot have been spoken. If you buy into the common wisdom that your tone comes from your fingers, then do...
mardi 21 mai 2019, 00:49
Got this press release this morning: GIBSON INTRODUCED three new guitar collections at an event in Nashville on April 29: the Original Series, the Modern Series, and the Custom Shop Original Collection. Gibson’s Original Collection evokes the guitar maker’s “golden age” in...
jeudi 16 mai 2019, 22:40
I had a little chuckle this morning. I went into my garage, looking for my Ibanez TS-808 overdrive in one of my pedal drawers. I went to my overdrive drawer and looked at all the different ones I have. That’s when I chuckled. I looked at some of them and had a WTF moment. I...
Over the years that I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve spent a lot of time in shops and in forums, and I’ve heard some really stupid or uninformed opinions. I thought I’d share some of the juicy ones. Tonewood Makes All the Difference in the World Well… kind of… I realize...
mardi 14 mai 2019, 17:41
Truth be told, I’m a huge reverb fan. I’ve been using my trusty TC Electronic Hall of Fame for a few years now, and it has never let me down. But that said, I only dial in enough reverb to help grease the wheels and smooth out potential harshness. And I always use a...
lundi 13 mai 2019, 17:49
Summary: This has all the classic, balanced mojo of a J-45, but in a thinner, “jumbo” body. And though some might consider it heresy that it’s a cutaway, having reasonably easy access to the upper frets makes it so nice for playing solos. Pros: Fantastic, classic J-45 tone...
jeudi 9 mai 2019, 21:30
Five years ago, I walked into a guitar shop in Waikiki, near the Alamoana Mall. Browsing through the shop, I saw that they had an HK Audio Elements PA system setup. I asked one of the guys that worked if I could check it out and he said, just get a guitar off the wall. […]
mercredi 8 mai 2019, 23:24
It’s a Gibson J-45 Avant Garde Walnut Burst and it’s also the first brand-new guitar I’ve purchased in a few years. It arrives tomorrow, and I can barely contain the giddy feeling I have in anticipation of unboxing it and playing it the first time. For me, the J-45 is the...
Even before I received my trusty Simon & Patrick PRO as a gift from a friend, I’ve been looking to get a Gibson J-45 acoustic. Ever since I played one in Hawaii a few years ago, that guitar has been at the top of my list as my next guitar (I also want to get […]
lundi 6 mai 2019, 19:06
Several months ago, I got a bit frustrated with the sound of my custom Slash L Apache “Katie May” (shown to the left). To me, the bridge pickup, while it sounded fine, didn’t seem to have the volume of the neck pickup, and it also sounded a bit thin and reedy. So I raised...
mardi 30 avril 2019, 18:33
I was listening to a radio talk show and the guest mentioned Toni Morrison, the great African-American novelist and Princeton professor. I’ve known of Dr. Morrison for years, as she won the Nobel Prize for Literature in the early ’90’s, but I needed to refresh my memory, so...
vendredi 26 avril 2019, 05:58
I’ve been playing guitar for almost 50 years and have been performing publicly for over 40 years. In that time, I’ve learned some valuable lessons that I thought I’d share. There’s always someone who’s better This is the ego check I give myself to ensure that I never get...
lundi 15 avril 2019, 23:19
At noon today, I received an email from Preston Thompson Guitars. I always look forward to these emails because they usually contain news on their latest builds or cool stuff they’re working on. Plus, having met Preston Thompson at his shop in Sisters, Oregon a couple of...
vendredi 5 avril 2019, 19:30
If you spend much time on forums, you’ll see threads occasionally popping up about cleaning and maintaining your guitar. Based on the threads, it seems that there are some folks who are absolutely obsessive about cleaning and oiling their fretboards, like every couple of...
I purposely made the title hanging like I did because I’ve made a name for myself by not panning products. But there are some products that really don’t make a lot of sense to me. Recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of ads pop up on my social media for the Jamstack portable...
vendredi 29 mars 2019, 19:39
If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably seen that I have a fairly sensitive bullshit radar. It’s not that I’m a natural skeptic, but I’ve been around gear for so long that when I see something that has a super high price and claiming all sorts of impr...
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