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samedi 29 juin 2019, 04:08
There’s a certain mystique about the Les Paul that seems to pervade the market that intimidates people. I look back on the time before I purchased a Les Paul and I was definitely intimidated; having these “I’m-not-worthy” moments when thinking about getting one. But I know...
vendredi 21 juin 2019, 19:51
Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s there was a little memory chip design firm called Micron located in downtown Los Altos, CA. At the time, I don’t think they had a foundry of their own – they just created memory designs and sold them to manufacturers. Not a bad business...
I’m like many of my guitar compatriots and hang out on gear forums. I’m not nearly as active as I used to be, but I still enjoy reading and occasionally responding to forum posts. One thing that I’ve seen a lot in the forums of goes something like this: Please help me choose...
mercredi 19 juin 2019, 22:16
Back in 2013, I wrote an article based on this idea of being mindful and in the “NOW.” And while I still practice quieting down before a gig and getting centered, I’ve moved beyond the whole living-in-the-now stuff. Or perhaps after all these years, my idea of “NOW” is more r...
Summary: This is a heavy-duty cable that looks like it’s meant to last. And for someone like me who gigs a lot, durability is the key. Pros: Uses 8mm wire and a thick shielding. Right out of the box, I felt that this cable is totally road-worthy. And did I mention PigHog...
mardi 18 juin 2019, 23:40
When I was growing up in the 60’s, dress code was important. You always looked groomed and at least as far as my father was concerned, you always shined your shoes. Granted, he came from a military background, so shining your shoes and belt buckles and making your bed so...
lundi 17 juin 2019, 23:57
When I first saw the announcement about the BOSS Waza Tube Amp Expander (“TAE”) I got excited because I was just starting to explore the absolutely wonderful world of Impulse Responses. I was working on re-doing the old guitar tracks on a few songs for my new album in and...
vendredi 14 juin 2019, 23:00
I can’t believe it has been just over a month since I got my J-45 Avant Garde. Oh, how time flies! I’ve pretty much played the guitar daily since I got it and the wood is finally starting to break in. It will probably be a few more months till it is finally settled in, […]
Many years back, I was jamming with a few guys and I got to the jam a bit late. So when I got there, I hurriedly set up my gear, switched on the power and started playing without doing a check of my pedal settings. In transport or while I was setting up the level […]
jeudi 13 juin 2019, 18:29
Back in the ’70’s and ’80’s (yeah, I’m dating myself), rock and roll was rife with guitar solos. And not just the deep cuts on albums, but the songs that got actual airplay. Think “Freebird” or “Show Me the Way” or anything from Clapton. The guitar solo was an integral...
mardi 11 juin 2019, 23:08
Over the years, I’ve heard many cringe-worthy horror stories of damaged guitars, from cracked tops to delaminated nitro to broken head stocks, etc., etc.. In some cases, the damage couldn’t be avoided; for instance, due to flooding. But in a majority of the cases I’ve heard a...
mardi 4 juin 2019, 21:41
In all the years I’ve been playing and collecting gear, there have been just a few things that have truly annoyed me. One was the Ultimate Attenuator that I felt threw a blanket over my tone. But lately, the pedal that has the same effect as nails scratching on a blackboard...
lundi 3 juin 2019, 18:04
I asked myself that question yesterday after I set up my rig at church. I thought about it and to be honest I have all the gear I actually need. So now, I’m at the point where most gear I buy is a want as opposed to a need; though I can technically justify my […]
mercredi 29 mai 2019, 21:11
This morning before going into the office, I ate breakfast while watching an Elton John concert on AXS TV. I had seen this recording of his Vegas shows a few times and while I love all of EJ’s music, I’m always drawn to Davey Johnstone; especially when he straps on that...
samedi 25 mai 2019, 20:28
Summary: The RS-4 provides all the great sequencing and conditioning as the original and on those two features alone, it’s valuable. But this isn’t just an ordinary power strip. Like the original, it is built like a tank and incredibly reliable. Get your gear powered on in...
Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Pedal Board Summary: The little brother of the larger and, in my opinion, more versatile board, this nonetheless provides a roomy surface to mount your pedals. It’s a basic board, really meant for using a 1-Spot, but that doesn’t take away from its...
…It probably is. BUT! There is a way to determine if something really is too good to be true. For that, let me share a quick story… On my Facebook feed, I saw an ad for a cheap wireless guitar system. It was just two identical-looking units about the size of a clip-on tuner;...
jeudi 23 mai 2019, 03:11
Vangoa Ghost Fire Aluminum Pedal Board Summary: If you’re looking for a reasonably-priced, lightweight pedal board, look no further. This is a sturdy board that should do well in any venue. Pros: Very lightweight, yet super-sturdy. Board height seems specifically made for a...
mercredi 22 mai 2019, 04:26
In my recent “Stupid Gear Myths” article, a reader commented, “…Work with what you have. Simplify your set-up, tailor it to your needs, your music style…” Wiser words cannot have been spoken. If you buy into the common wisdom that your tone comes from your fingers, then do...
mardi 21 mai 2019, 00:49
Got this press release this morning: GIBSON INTRODUCED three new guitar collections at an event in Nashville on April 29: the Original Series, the Modern Series, and the Custom Shop Original Collection. Gibson’s Original Collection evokes the guitar maker’s “golden age” in...
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