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dimanche 18 septembre 2022, 19:53
In this lesson you will learn an 8 bar blues solo that takes inspiration from Duane Allman, Peter Green, and a bit of my own style. To get the tone for the solo I used my 66 Super Reverb with the JHS Charlie Brown. The post Allman, Green Style Slow Blues – Podcast 100...
mardi 30 août 2022, 18:53
If you have followed the site over the last 14 years you will know that I never promote and products but I think this is a good one to tell people about. I had some All Access members start inquiring where the Vidami foot pedal was compatible with the site around this time...
lundi 22 août 2022, 23:14
This is a great boost that will overdrive a cranked tube amp to give you more sustain. It also sounds great to me before a typical overdrive pedal such as a Tubescreamer or the JHS Charlie Brown. This pedal also includes a buffer which will retain the high end in your signal ...
This a great sounding Vibe pedal that will give you that classic Hendrix sound to me. Sounds great with Humbuckers and Single coils. This replaced by Voodoo Labs Micro Vibe. The post Fulltone Deja Vibe appeared first on Learning Guitar Now.
This pedal from Missing Link Audio gives you that Marshall 100w Super Lead sound. Sounds great with humbuckers and single coils and cleans up nicely with the volume knob on your guitar just like a real amp would. Not only does it sound good for a ZZ Top tone, it also works...
mercredi 10 août 2022, 15:41
This is my Germino Classic 45 amp which is a JTM 45 clone. It’s made by Greg Germino up in North Caroline. A really incredible sounding amp that has a great clean sound but can also get that classic Marshall Beano tone the JTM 45 has been so heavily associated with. Also...
vendredi 5 août 2022, 18:09
In this lesson you will learn a solo that has three levels of difficulty inspired by the BB King tune the Thrill is Gone. You’ll also learn about using the Harmonic Minor scale to play Lick 2 and Lick 4. To get the tone for the solo I used my 66 Super Reverb with the JHS...
samedi 23 juillet 2022, 13:47
In this free lesson excerpt you’ll learn two licks from the Solo you will learn in my Play Like Billy Gibbons Course. One of the licks will show you how you can use 6th Intervals over a 12 Bar Blues for a Blues Rock sound like I’ve heard Billy do. The post Using 6th...
lundi 18 juillet 2022, 14:10
The Solo you learn in the Play Like Billy Gibbons Course. Learn more abou this Course The post Play Like Billy Gibbons – La Grange Style appeared first on Learning Guitar Now.
jeudi 30 juin 2022, 13:52
In this lesson you will learn an Eric Clapton inspired Three O’ Clock solo that uses all Five Minor Pentatonic Positions. I also used some Major Pentatonic so you will see how to combine both. To get the tone for the solo I used the Neural Tone King plugin. The post Clapton...
lundi 20 juin 2022, 21:33
Practicing your scales with the Soundslice player can be a lot more helpful I believe. Especially if you are not sure about the rhythms you are practicing or want to make sure you are getting the positions and timing correct. Check out the video below to learn more about...
samedi 18 juin 2022, 13:50
In this free lesson excerpt you’ll learn the first three licks from the Solo you will learn in my Slow Blues Supplement – Only Guitars Course. The post Slow Blues Supplement – Only Guitars Free Excerpt appeared first on Learning Guitar Now.
samedi 14 mai 2022, 15:55
Soundslice is an amazing tool to learn from in my opinion. I wish I would have had something like this when I was learning. It would have sped up the learning process for me no doubt about it. I recently updated all of the Soundslices in the All Access Pass where you learn a ...
vendredi 13 mai 2022, 14:14
I’ve always wanted to have some kind of merch available for the site, and today I’m proud to say that the New Learning Guitar Now T Shirt Shop is officially open. I bought the domain name learningguitarnow. com way back in June of 2006 and proceeded put up the first version o...
mardi 3 mai 2022, 12:35
Throughout the years I’ve always experimented with Guitar Amp plugins and they have come a long way from when I first started using them back in 2006. Although many of them can sound great, they seem to lack the feel of a real amp or they require a lot of tweaking to get...
mardi 29 mars 2022, 17:16
The Podcast Video lessons have over time become very popular and due to that I have started making them much longer and involved. The previous layout for the Podcast Video lessons was ok but wasn’t the greatest. For these reasons I decided to completely redo the entire layout...
samedi 12 février 2022, 14:54
In this video I want to give you a rundown of all the content that is contained in the All Access Pass and how to navigate around the site when you become a member. You can learn more about the All Access Pass at the link below. Learn more about All Access The post All...
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