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mercredi 8 mai 2024, 14:42
Apple had an event yesterday to launch a new M4 chip, a thinner and improved iPad Pro, an updated iPad Air range, an improved Pencil Pro, plus major updates on the Pro Apps side for Final Cut Pro and Logic Pro. Here's everything in one place. The post M4, iPads, Pencil,...
mardi 7 mai 2024, 00:15
While we're talking retro, here's a full hour of the work of Robert Abel, the innovative computer animator who worked on projects like the 1982 Tron. The post Here’s an hour of the 1985 3D-animated world of Robert Abel appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
lundi 6 mai 2024, 23:37
In a post-apocalyptic dystopian nightmare, handsome models will find the oppression with their … GE cassette players. Look, it all makes some kind of 1985 sense. This is exactly how people do not feel about their smartphone in 2024. I don’t know exactly what the GE marketing...
jeudi 2 mai 2024, 16:15
Put your Apple Watch to work. MidiWrist Unleashed transforms the device into a standalone Bluetooth MIDI controller, complete with touch and motion controls, for use with your Mac, iPad and iPhone apps, and even Bluetooth LE devices. The post Make your Apple Watch into a...
mardi 30 avril 2024, 19:50
It's all about wiring this into that. So why not connect VIDVOX's evergreen Mac VJ software to your Eurorack modular, using the LFO and step sequencer as modulation sources? The mind boggles at the potential, and this video shows you how. The post VJ, meet Eurorack:...
lundi 29 avril 2024, 19:56
From an ultra-meta cover of Lana del Rey's 'Video Games' on video game consoles to poignant chip ballads and Underworld covers, plus '8-dimensional' spatial electropop, if you don't know Seattle-based synthpop music artist Leeni Ramadan, now is the time. Oh, and if that...
jeudi 25 avril 2024, 18:28
Applied Acoustics Systems' software modular, Multiphonics CV-2, just got a big update with the ability to follow an input's dynamic level and pitch, plus new modules for pitch shifting and working with control voltage math. The post AAS Multiphonics CV-2 now follows...
mercredi 24 avril 2024, 18:16
Eletkron's Digitakt II, leaked earlier today, is now official. This beefs up some of the specs under the hood to keep pace with features like expanded effects and modulation, 16 voices (up from 8), 20 GB internal storage, and stereo sampling, all with a more refined shell...
Perhaps taking a page out of pro wrestling, there's a good chance that Grimes staged her 'technical difficulties' at Coachella as a kind of performance art. The post Grimes update: technical team describes failure, aftermovie appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
mardi 23 avril 2024, 01:02
If you want a take on exactly how Black innovators have influenced music, look to this full-length lecture (and performance) from DeForrest Brown. It's your free ticket to sit in at Harvard. The post Class is in session: DeForrest Brown on Black innovation in music appeared...
lundi 22 avril 2024, 00:21
VCV Rack, the free and open-source virtual module platform, gets a tidy refresh with input cable stackings and cable color customization. That input stacking opens up more than you might think, too. The post VCV Rack 2.5: powerful stackable inputs, cable color customization...
dimanche 21 avril 2024, 03:15
Ubuntu Studio remains the quickest one-shot way to get at Linux and free software for music, sound, video, media, and 3D. And they deserve some extra love now, especially since Apple Silicon has slightly deflated desktop Linux attention. Here's a look at the long-term...
vendredi 19 avril 2024, 17:04
Shot back in 2022, Boiler Room Syria and Sadaa Sound Syndicate captured a moment in the diasporic Syrian music scene. It's an image of techno's new, political, 'disobedient' significance to people in exile and perhaps a glimpse of where techno may go in 2024. The post Boiler ...
mardi 16 avril 2024, 16:57
Access' Virus TI and TI2 may have been quietly discontinued this year, but the love for them continues. And now Nick Kaniak has unveiled a powerful-looking editor for the two instruments, built in Max for Live. That's great news for macOS users who lack an editor - and even...
lundi 15 avril 2024, 21:25
Every few months, some DJ horror story or failure takes over social media. Here's a complete guide, with official advice from Pioneer DJ and pro DJs, on how to prepare your media and files for digital DJ gigs. The post How to avoid USB and rekordbox DJing failures: a...
After an unimaginable year of violence and chaos, with tens of thousands killed and millions displaced and in danger of starvation, now is the time to keep talking about Sudan. Here's some music and listening in the hopes of demanding action. The post Sudan, with millions at ...
vendredi 12 avril 2024, 19:59
DIYers, coders, hackers - Super Synthesis is fully open-sourcing their modules under the ultra-permissive CC0 license (public domain). It could be the start of a new model for module making - and if you've ever wanted to watch someone live-stream the design process, you get ...
jeudi 11 avril 2024, 19:33
Love Linux? Time to show it: CDM fave Sinevibes has brought their Integer effect plug-in to Linux-native VST3. So it'd be great to hear from Linux-using CDMers about this one. The post Penguin parade: Sinevibes now does Linux appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
Young, restless, unruly hearts from deep in Ukraine arrive with two recent releases. The results are unsettling in the best possible way as we trip into space - and learn that baby kangaroos are seriously punk. The post Unsettling experimental sounds as Ukrainian artists go ...
mercredi 10 avril 2024, 19:00
“Who is Dr. Fiorella Terenzi? I’ll take 90s LaserDiscs for $600, Alex. Wait – back up, here’s more of Dr. Terenzi, how she worked with space sound, and how she collaborated with Thomas Dolby, with some classic vintage clips. Get ready for a big transition in this interview:...
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