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Mashed Potato Perfection

vendredi 19 octobre 2018, 15:49 , par ProTools Professional
I love making my family a big meal that brings us together. I have realized that sharing meals is a great way of strengthening the family bond. As we eat, we get to enjoy some quality family time together. My daughter has requested that I make my famous mashed potato for dinner because she is not feeling well.
As much as mashed potatoes might seem as a simple dish, you need to employ certain tips in order to get the best results. I think it would be fun for me to share some of those tips with you.
Here they are:
Choose the right potatoes

It is not just any kind of potatoes that you can use to make a great mashed potato dish. Therefore, you should start by using the right ones. The best potatoes for mashing include the Yukon gold potatoes, Idaho or Russet potatoes. Such potatoes are starchy and they mash up well. They are very fluffy and they absorb butter and cream very well.
Boil them with their skins on and in bigger slices
You should always boil potatoes for mashing with their skins and peel off the skins after they are properly boiled. Also, you should avoid cutting them into small slices. By doing this, you allow them to maintain their optimal flavor since less water finds its way inside them. With less water, they will also be able to absorb more butter when they are mashed.
Mash them while they are still very hot
To get the smoothest and the fluffiest texture, mash your potatoes while they are still very hot. Remember to use gloves when peeling off their skin lest you burn your hands. Mash them up right immediately after removing their skin. Enjoy the mashing job. It is therapeutic and it helps you relax.
Add butter first
Before adding any other liquid, add good quality unsalted butter onto your potatoes. I prefer unsalted butter to the salted butter because of the salt levels. Adding the butter first helps in ensuring that the potatoes texture stays firm before absorbing the dairy.  Always remember to warm the butter first before adding it to the potatoes.
Do not season all at once
Season mashed potatoes by adding small portions of salt at a time throughout the process. Taste before adding more salt to ensure that you do not overdo or under do it.
Use small pours when adding the liquid
Avoid adding the entire dairy all at once lest you end up with soggy mashed potatoes. Potatoes are not able to absorb the dairy all at once. Therefore, use smaller pours to help the potatoes absorb the dairy’s creaminess for a more flavorful dish. Always warm your dairy before adding it to your mash to avoid cooling your mash down.
Spice up the cream

If you want to give a unique twist to your mashed potatoes, you can spice up your cream a bit. As your potatoes boil, put your cream in a pan and place it over low heat. Add your favorite spice in the cream and give the mixture a nice stir.
Allow the cream to simmer over low heat for a couple of minutes to allow the flavors to blend in well. Strain the cream after that to get rid of the spices and to ensure that your mashed potatoes stay pure.
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