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Bad Pillow = Bad Sleep

vendredi 19 octobre 2018, 16:15 , par ProTools Professional
Have you ever tossed and turned all night long and you woke up with a sore neck or you feel more tired than you were before sleeping? If this is the case, most probably, you have never thought that your pillow could be the cause of your lack of good sleep. Most people think that a mattress has the biggest impact on the quality of their sleep, which could be true anyway. However, for some people, the pillow determines greatly the quality of sleep they will have.

I used to wake up most of the days with a stiff neck. I thought that my sleeping position was the problem until I realized that my pillow was the culprit. I decided to change it and since I got myself a new pillow, I am always looking forward to my good night rests. A perfect pillow makes all the difference between a restful night sleep and a terrible one. A good pillow should allow you to sleep comfortably so that you can wake up energized for the day ahead.
Here are three major ways in which a pillow can impact your sleep:
A wrong pillow can cause your head, neck and back aches
Sleeping on a pillow that does not give you the right support can affect your health negatively. The right pillow should offer you enough support regardless of your sleeping position. It should be able to support your spine, neck and head properly in their right natural alignment.
A pillow with too much filling or that is inadequately filled will misalign your body in the wrong position. The right pillow should not put your head and neck too low or too high. If you constantly suffer headaches or neck, shoulder and back pains, it is high time you change the pillow you sleep on.
The right pillow is good for your spine
A good pillow should not put the health of your spine at risk. Apart from enhancing the quality of your sleep, it should also protect your spine. It should offer adequate support that is able to maintain your spine in its proper natural curve.
The pillow should allow you to adjust the filling so that it suits your sleeping positions. Apart from offering the right support, it should be very comfortable so that you do not wake up with a sore upper body.
Your sleeping position should influence your choice of pillow

Your sleeping position and patterns greatly determine the kind of pillow that you should use if you value the quality of your sleep. For example, back sleepers should not use the same pillow as a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper and vice versa. Different types of sleepers require different support in order to keep their head, neck and spine well aligned.
If you are a back sleeper, you should use a pillow that is thin and flat and on that supports your head and back properly.  A wedge pillow is a good choice for a back sleeper. Stomach sleepers, on the other hand, do not require too much support for the head. A thin pillow that keeps the head from rising higher is the best.
Finally, a side sleeper should use a contoured pillow, which provides firmer support. A side sleeper should place the pillow between their legs to keep the spine properly aligned and to put less strain on their back.
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