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jeudi 13 mai 2021, 19:54
The ruins of fractured accordions are reanimated with hybrid mechanical-digital constructions, to sing the imagined love ballads of a wounded forest. Canilla's latest creation deserves a full listen - so let's premiere it here together, right now. The post Canilla’s love...
mercredi 12 mai 2021, 22:02
Feeling destructive? K-Devices’ Shaper2 is a fast route to digital edginess, it’s on discount now. And it is not mentally demanding – it’s a beautiful magical Thor’s hammer, in a good way. There are quite a lot of waveshapers about. But K-Devices has combined a number of...
mardi 11 mai 2021, 16:36
Bitwig has posted some really useful deep-dive tutorials lately. That includes building up your own from-scratch tools in the modular environment The Grid - and working with integration with Maschine+/MK3 and NI keyboards. The post Deep Bitwig tips: learn modular patching on ...
vendredi 7 mai 2021, 18:55
It's a dark and uncertain time across Latin America, so sending some serious love to everyone. All the more reason to take in the futuristic voices in today's hybrid MUTEK session, from our friends Interspecifics and CNDSD + Iván Abreu. The post Futuristic AV, EPs from...
jeudi 6 mai 2021, 21:31
Joel Chadabe was a composer who helped launch the notion of interactive music systems and electronic music education as it has now come to spread around the world. He passed at the start of this week, even as he continued educational work through this year. The post RIP Joel ...
mercredi 5 mai 2021, 19:51
Software modular is everywhere these days, but AAS are one of the developers who defined the genre. So a ground-up new tool from them is big news - and it has all the sonic and physical modeling goodness you'd expect. The post At last, AAS deliver their new software modular...
mardi 4 mai 2021, 19:32
Sure, it ain't pretty. But Audacity's extensive feature set and free status have made this audio editor an essential tool across education and sound production. And now it's been acquired by the emerging Muse Group. So, who are Muse, and what does this all mean? The post...
lundi 3 mai 2021, 18:26
To everyone impacted by COVID-19 in India, families and friends, and those who have lost around the world - I hope we all take a moment to pause and think of you. The post India’s electronic music producers send S O S in compilation appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
No money for a high-end game console? Make it out of paper, code it in 16-bit DOS, and give it an epic soundtrack on cheap machines, like SunVox creator Alexander Zolotov. The post Explore game worlds of paper, 16-bit DOS, and soaring music to match, from SunVox creator...
vendredi 30 avril 2021, 20:47
The music flows easily, entangled like vines, in a production constructed between Berlin and Indonesia over Zoom. But in these serene melodies, there is a plea for the ecosystem of North Sumatra. The post Music for orangutans, as Lyra Pramuk and Rani Jambak connect to...
jeudi 29 avril 2021, 20:21
Smooth Operator is a unique new way of reaching out and sculpting sound at the spectral level - and it's terrifically addictive and creative. The post Smooth Operator is a brilliant new spectral sound sculpting plug-in from Baby Audio appeared first on CDM Create Digital...
mercredi 28 avril 2021, 15:02
The worlds of gaming, “play,” and electronic music have always been in an extended flirtation. A deep collaboration between Capcom and Teenage Engineering brings those worlds together and lets you VJ with classic games. The download is free, pouring supersaturated pixel...
mardi 27 avril 2021, 11:56
It's consolidation season fo the industry. And Focusrite has just acquired legendary synth maker Sequential, alongside names like Adam Audio and Novation. The post Sequential is now a fully-owned Focusrite subsidiary; Dave Smith announcement appeared first on CDM Create...
lundi 26 avril 2021, 17:22
Now at 1.0, Videosync from Showsync is a deep Max for Live visual engine, complete with integration with Ableton Live's native interface, modulation, Warp Markers, and edit/play workflows. The post Videosync 1.0 arrives: visuals integrate with Ableton Live Session,...
jeudi 22 avril 2021, 18:08
The Buchla and Serge synths and laptops are all warmed up. Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are showing a spring bounty of cutting edge composition and electronic music, and you can tune in for free. The post From Estonia and the Baltic, new composition and rich electronic...
mercredi 21 avril 2021, 19:44
Squint no more. Reason will finally deliver a version that looks right on high-density displays (Mac Retina and Windows high-DPI). The post Reason and Rack Extensions are finally getting high-def UIs; here’s how it works appeared first on CDM Create Digital Music.
mardi 20 avril 2021, 21:08
In a lovely contrast to “everything’s delayed because chip shortages” and “everything is a subscription,” it’s refreshing to hear Apple say “we’re shipping,” “you can make your own subscriptions,” and “we found your keys for you.” Here it is, at a glance. First off, for...
Pigments, the monster synth plug-in, is still growing at full speed - now with a deep 'harmonic' additive engine, more layers, and more tools in its palette. Meet Pigments 3. The post Arturia’s Pigments 3 synth plug-in just got packed with a ton of new features appeared...
The acoustic principles are the same as wind instruments (and pipe organs). But there’s something eerily beautiful about wind organs – and they’re easy enough to make. bassling from Australia sends in this how-to from Australia, to get you started. There, of course, it’s...
lundi 19 avril 2021, 21:11
A lot of the solutions you'll see for 'collaborating' involve live jamming - even though that's not always what you want. Splice Studio is a free way to keep a project backed up and synced, which is useful solo but absolutely indispensable when working with others. The post...
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