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samedi 24 juillet 2021, 14:38
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jeudi 22 juillet 2021, 17:30
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The role of a Sales Engineer isn’t just about selling quality products — these people are living, breathing encyclopedias of information who form relationships with their clients that can last for decades. This core component of what makes an SE so exceptional elevates...
mercredi 21 juillet 2021, 16:00
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Rick-O-Sound? When you mention that term to most people, they will look at you funny. Even Rickenbacker owners frequently don’t understand what it is or how to hook it up. To quote from the Rickenbacker manual, “Deluxe [Rickenbacker] models come with the exclusive...
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samedi 17 juillet 2021, 21:06
The video this article accompanies is an introduction to one of the most important playing techniques in rock, pop, metal, country, and blues lead guitar – string bending. Learning this art is an invaluable soloing skill as some accurate, tasty string bending can add...
vendredi 16 juillet 2021, 23:00
“Welcome back, my friends, To the show that never ends We’re so glad you could attend Come inside, come inside!” — Emerson, Lake, and Palmer And we did go inside, and we welcomed back our friends: Summer NAMM 2021 returned to Nashville’s Music City Center as the first...
jeudi 15 juillet 2021, 14:00
Music in film has a long history. From the earliest silent films of the late 1800s through the 1920s, music was used to enhance the images on the screen. By the 1960s, music in film had really come into its own, especially with the explosion of rock, folk, and pop music. Not ...
mercredi 14 juillet 2021, 17:00
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You’ve probably come across the terms “matched pair” or “stereo pair” in reference to small-diaphragm condenser mics sold as a two-microphone set. What do these terms actually mean? Modern computer-assisted design and manufacturing processes ensure that the specification...
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mardi 13 juillet 2021, 14:00
In the synthesizer world, a relatively small number of manufacturers have crossed over into the popular consciousness, such as Moog, Sequential Circuits, Roland, and Korg. And also included in that rarefied list is ARP Instruments, Inc. (ARP). Founded by engineer Alan R....
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lundi 12 juillet 2021, 17:00
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Not only did the much-missed legend, Eddie Van Halen, gift us with his game-changing playing style and countless platinum-plated riffs, licks, and solos, but he also reset the bar when it came to great rock tone, too. A self-confessed “tone chaser,” Edward was always...
samedi 10 juillet 2021, 12:00
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