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samedi 24 juillet 2021, 10:00
Jure Rejec | In the age of streaming, is radio still worth it? Cecília Costa | This company wants to change the brazilian music industry  Sam Bowman | How to use past experiences to fuel musical creativity  M Banks | The benefits of learning violin for guitarists
vendredi 23 juillet 2021, 04:46
In the 90s, many USA rappers with lack of financial resources used to record amateur mixtapes and go out on the streets to sell the music by themselves. In Brazil, at the same time a similar movement was on course in the northeast of the country, dozens of popular bands...
jeudi 22 juillet 2021, 10:00
Slap me with a walkman and call me a boomer, but I still listen to most of my music on the radio. Might be because I spend a lot of my time in the car, and when I’m driving, I’m switching radio stations more often than lanes.   The reason? Discovery. The linear format of...
Some of the greatest songs ever written only exist because of what the artists went through. From classic breakup songs (or every Taylor Swift album) to nights of crazy parties to the feeling of falling in love, past experiences make up so much of the music industry. Using...
lundi 19 juillet 2021, 22:56
Music is an integral part of the human experience. Researchers have found that learning to play instruments can decrease stress and depression levels in older people by increasing their self-esteem and sense of independence. If you’re a musician, you’re doing yourself a...
samedi 17 juillet 2021, 10:00
Maryn Mcdonnell | How to promote an album | 6 tips to get your band noticed M Banks | Getting the right starter synth: 5 points to consider Diego Cardini | 5 benefits of playing electronic drums M Banks | Designing a site for your band: 7 tips
vendredi 16 juillet 2021, 04:15
1. Minimized Sound Levels  One of the biggest benefits of playing electronic drum sets is the fact that they don’t make as much noise as acoustic drum kits do. This makes them great alternative drum kit options if you live in an apartment or space where noise is a factor.  ...
jeudi 15 juillet 2021, 02:30
The process of promoting an album should always begin before the recording of your first session. During concerts, you test and determine the songs your audience love the most. A solid campaign before release can help build excitement for your album release, develop your...
mercredi 14 juillet 2021, 18:00
With over 100,000 sold in the United States in 2020 alone, synthesizers are an undeniable part of the music world. As the market continues to grow, musicians turn to synthesizers to create a sound that is uniquely theirs. You might find jumping in right away to be...
lundi 12 juillet 2021, 20:00
Your band needs a web presence these days. Without one, your fans won’t know where to get the latest 411 on your upcoming shows and album releases.  However, many artists’ pages leave a lot to be desired. You need to tailor your colors and layout to optimize the user experien...
samedi 10 juillet 2021, 10:00
Ross Barber-Smith | Guide for musicians on building a team M Banks | Designing a music venue for accessibility Jure Rejec | Who were the “Lockdown Winners” on Spotify? Caleb J. Murphy | Music and meditation platform MEYA announces Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge as new...
vendredi 9 juillet 2021, 05:09
I’ve been speaking with a lot of clients lately, both about the work we do together on their websites, and the bigger picture of their careers. A common thread that has been coming up in conversation is that around building a team, and the mixed experiences they’ve had...
jeudi 8 juillet 2021, 07:00
Your music is a gift you give to the entire world. You want to share it with the widest possible audience.  Therefore, you want everyone to be able to attend. Here are seven tips for designing a music venue for accessibility.  1. Leave Floor Space for Mobility Aids  The...
  With touring and live events at a standstill from April 2020 to April 2021, both musicians and audiences turned to streaming. Music research and analytics platform Viberate looked into the numbers to pinpoint the artists who made the most of the situation on Spotify. The r...
mardi 6 juillet 2021, 20:49
Well-being, music, and meditation platform MEYA has announced electronic music’s leading artists Jamie Jones and Lee Burridge as new equity partners. Jones and Burridge will contribute exclusive tracks and meditation remixes to the app as part of their Music Mind Journey...
samedi 3 juillet 2021, 10:00
Anica Oaks | 4 Ways to Create Your Own Festival Stage Pranshu Nigam | What’s The Best Finish For Your Guitar? Caleb J. Murphy | SubmitHub Review: How I Got Featured Mackenna Strohmeier | Why Is Fan Engagement Important?
jeudi 1 juillet 2021, 19:30
With the summer returning to normal there are more local music festivals popping up. Though they tend to have their own main stage, they don’t normally provide this type of platform for other groups. Thus, bands, dance troupes, and other performers may need to provide their...
A while back I posted an article on my website explaining the cost of refinishing a guitar. This text is taken from the original article which can be found here. Your guitar’s finish is not just there to make it look pretty. It actually does one of the most crucial jobs -...
mercredi 30 juin 2021, 16:08
As an indie musician, you’re constantly looking for new ways to get your music out there. But you don’t want to hire an expensive PR agency. And you want real fans to connect with your music, not fake streams. Enter SubmitHub. I’ve been using this platform to promote my...
mardi 29 juin 2021, 23:46
           In a world where streaming can ensure a spot on the charts for an artist, fan engagement is more important than ever. Without fans, artist teams would not have the funding that comes from record, merch, and ticket sales. The artist-to-fan relationship is extremely...
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